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Safety First: Evaluating the Security of Solar Pool Covers in Queensland

Queensland’s abundant sunshine and warm climate make it an ideal destination for pool owners seeking to maximise their swimming experience. Many pool owners in Queensland are turning to solar pool covers to harness the sun’s energy while also keeping their pools clean. However, the question of safety is an important and relevant topic that arises.  

Solar pool covers are a lightweight floating barrier on the pool’s surface. They work by using tiny air pockets – much like bubble wrap – that act as magnifying glasses to harness the sun’s heat to warm the pool water. Queensland Solar pool covers serve multiple purposes in pool maintenance and offer many advantages.  

  1. Reduce water evaporation 

When a pool is not in use in Queensland and a Solar Pool cover is deployed over the pool it could reduce water evaporation. Floating covers can eliminate evaporation, saving you money on water refills and conserving water.  

  1. Reduce heat loss 

A pool blanket will retain the heat in the pool, resulting in lower heating bills – through less use and less power needed – and an eco-friendlier pool with Sunlover Pool Covers. 

  1. Bubbles increase heat 

Working with the sun, and installed correctly, the bubbles working as magnifying glasses, storing the heat from the sun, and transferring that heat into the pool water.  

  1. Reduce dirt and debris 

During cooler periods, utilising a Sunlover pool cover in Queensland can ensure less maintenance. Keeping debris and leaves from falling into the pool water means you can spend less time and money on cleaning and refilling your pool.  

  1. Reduce chemical loss 

Chemicals are used to rebalance your pool when debris, leaves and even rain affect your pool water. Solar Pool Covers in Queensland can keep these out of the pool as mentioned above, enhancing your chemical performance, and keeping your pool cleaner for longer.  

While these benefits could increase your pool experience, concerns about safety have been raised. A solar pool cover is simply floating on the pool water’s surface. They are not designed to withstand the weight of a person, animal, or child. By following a few tips, you can ensure that your solar cover provides significant benefits without compromising safety: 

Solar Pool Cover Safety Tips 

  • Never jump on top of a deployed solar cover. 
  • Never swim with a solar cover deployed over your pool.  
  • Never allow children or pets near a solar cover unattended. 

By adhering to installation guidelines, practicing vigilant supervision, and choosing reputable products, Pool Owners in Queensland can enjoy the advantages of solar pool covers while ensuring the safety of their loved ones. 

At Sunlover QLD we prioritise safety and quality for all our products. Sunlover Heating pool blankets are designed to deliver long life, in an environment dominated by UV laden solar rays, chemicals and salt. We supply Daisy Pool Covers which offer a shape that is stronger and will last longer against chemical and ultraviolet attack. Daisy Solar Pool Covers reduce the cost of maintaining a warm sustainable pool while boasting that they are proudly Australian made and owned. 

If you are interested in learning more about a solar pool blanket or having one installed in your home, contact our experienced and knowledgeable experts at Sunlover QLD.  

In conclusion, by understanding the potential risks and taking necessary precautions, Pool Owners across Queensland can harness the power of solar energy to heat their pools while maintaining a safe and enjoyable swimming environment for all. 

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