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Preparing Your Pool for the Upcoming Swim Season

The swimming season is coming, and what better way to enjoy the swimming season than prepping your pool before the time comes. If you are a pool owner, it is crucial to take care of your pool and make sure it is ready for summer before the swimming season starts. After all, what could be better than starting off your summer by jumping into a sparkling clean pool?

If you want to enjoy the upcoming swim season at its best, then the following tips will help you prepare your pool for all the swimming you can dream of.

1) Ready Your Pool Equipment and Cleaning Tools

Organize your pool equipment and cleaning tools before the upcoming swim season. You will need extra pool brushes, chlorine, pool skimmer, debris nets, water levelers, pool vacuum, and pH testers.

2) Inspect the Pool for Damages

Before jumping into your pool once again, it’s essential to make sure that there aren’t any damages present in it. If you see anything that seems like a hole or crack, be sure to repair it immediately before the problem worsens. A small and easy-to-fix hole can quickly turn into something much bigger if not taken care of properly.

3) Remove Debris from your Pool

The most crucial part of getting a pool ready for summer is removing any debris from it. The worst thing you can do is start the swim season with a dirty pool, so make sure that all leaves and bugs are gone before filling it up. Invest in a leaf rake or pool skimmer to help ensure that your pool is completely free of dirt. Specialized vacuum cleaners also help. They can make cleaning your pool far more manageable.

4) Clean Out Your Filter

Once all debris has been removed from your pool, ensure that the filter is clean before adding water back into it. Most filters are self-cleaning. Simply run them without any filters inside until they are thoroughly cleaned out. Again, an extra set of hands around may come in handy here because this step can be somewhat tricky without someone helping you carry the heavy filter. If you don’t have a self-cleaning filter, check your owner’s guide for instructions on cleaning it properly.

5) Steam Clean Your Pool

After removing debris and ensuring that the filter is clean, give your pool one last steam cleaning before filling it up. Take care not to use any harsh chemicals while doing so because they can destroy your pool over time. Instead, fill up your pool with hot water to loosen away dirt and grime before draining it again.

6) Test Your Water

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your pool for this year’s swim season is to test your water. You should know the levels of chemicals in your water, so you’ll know which chemicals need to be added or removed.

Make sure that chlorine and pH levels are ideal before filling the pool up with water. An easy way to ensure that these two measurements are optimal is by running a chlorine and total alkalinity test. Test kits can easily be purchased online, and some local stores even offer free testing on specific days during set times. 

7) Add Water and Shock the Pool

Finally, add water to your pool and shock it to make sure that you kill any remaining bacteria. After adding the prescribed amount of chlorine, wait a day or two before jumping into your pool. You can add water at this time as well.

8) Keep Your Pool Clean

Once you’ve finally jumped into your pool for the first time, keep it clean by brushing off the debris and vacuuming it daily. That way, next year’s swim season will be just as enjoyable without needing to take on all of these chores again.

9) Get a Pool Cover

After all the preparation and cleaning, the only thing left to do is get a pool cover. Not only does it keep debris out of your pool when not in use, but it also prevents backwashing or water loss when you’re using it. It also keeps young children and pets away from the pool, who could otherwise accidentally fall in.

Now that all this hard work is finally done, take some time for yourself and enjoy your new swimming pool. Make sure to read up on any chemicals you need to add before jumping into the water, but otherwise, sit back and relax while enjoying the summer sun. By following these tips, you’ll have an easy time getting ready for the swim season in no time.

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