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Pool Heating Bayside

Sunlover Heating Bayside have pool heating solutions to match your pool no matter the shape or size. With over 30 years’ business experience in pool heating solutions, Sunlover Heating provides sustainable economic operation and environmental performance for both commercial pool systems to backyard pools.

Commercial Pool Heating

About Sunlover Pool Heating Bayside

From solar pool heating to maintenance services, to pool accessories, Sunlover Heating Bayside knows pools. Extend your swimming season to all year round with our incredible products.

Why choose Sunlover Heating Bayside for your heating solutions?​


Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating provides an environmentally friendly yet cost effective heating solution for your pool. Solar pool heating provides you with the flexibility to increase and decrease your pool temperature as required. Allowing you to get the most out of your pool, all year round. With our solar pool heating, Bayside residents can ensure they have an affordable, yet reliable solar pool heating system.


Strip Solar Heating

Strip solar heating is built to withstand the elements with a round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing and splitting. The black matte outside protects against UV weathering and increases solar absorption, providing superior performance. This heating option uses Energy Flow 10 technology to ensure rapid heating and extended swim season.


Rigid Solar Heating

Rigid solar heating has a fully moulded header for increased strength to be able to withstand a 241km/h cyclone. High efficiency is maintained through factory testing for strength and leaks. Rigid strip solar heating panels are inexpensive to maintain.


Solar Controller

Solar controllers allow you to take control of your pool heating and maintain your perfect pool temperature through the latest technology. Each solar controller is Australian-made and serviced to provide you with an easy-to-use, set and forget program.

Heat Pumps

Oasis Heat Pump pool systems are exclusively supplied by Sunlover Bayside. Sunlover Bayside heat pumps have been manufactured to be highly efficient, quiet to run and cost effective. Every heat pump has been factory tested ensuring it meets technical and professional certifications throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

Oasis Aquatics Filter Pumps

Commercial Pool Heating

Sunlover Heating Bayside heat pumps provide heating for any commercial sized pool. Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing various commercial properties with pools to suit their needs.


Commercial solar pool heating

Solar pool heating is a popular choice for heating various sized commercial swimming pools. Sunlover solar pool heating Bayside offers both strip and rigid panel solar heating solutions for commercial pool systems. Providing cost effective and reliable products at the forefront for your commercial needs.


Commercial pool heat pumps

Sunlover Heating Bayside supplies Oasis Heat Pump commercial pool heating solutions. Consistent heating is an essential for Bayside commercial swimming pools. Investing in a heat pump provides year-round heating solutions for your commercial pool. Heat pumps are cost-effective to operate compared to other heating solutions and last for up to 10 years.


Commercial Filtration Systems

Sunlover filtration systems work with commercial pool heating to be able to provide you with consistent heating for any size swimming pool. Sunlover Heating partners up with reliable brands to provide you with quality products to meet the demands of your commercial pool.

Swimming Pool

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Sunlover Bayside is proud to offer installation services for solar pool heating, gas heating, commercial pool heating, and more combined with our guarantee of excellent service.


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