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Pool Heat Pumps: An Efficient Heating Alternative

At Sunlover Heating, we are committed to one goal: helping our customers around Australia enjoy a ‘Swim When You Want’ lifestyle by keeping their Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane pools and spas swimmable all year long.
Electric pool heat pumps are an attractive alternative to solar heating and gas pool heater solutions, and for good reason. Although some customers are initially discouraged by high purchase prices, those concerns are soon tempered by one important, cost-saving difference: today’s pool heat pumps in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne offer top-rate energy efficiency. Installing a pool heat pump translates to low annual operating costs and dramatic utility bill decreases.

To help you better understand what makes these pumps so efficient, we’ve put together a list of terms that will impress even the most discerning pool enthusiast.

Coefficient of Performance (COP)
Swimming pool heat pump efficiency is measured using a coefficient of performance, or COP. A typical COP ranges between 3.0 and 7.0, which converts to an efficiency rate of 300%-700%. For example, a COP of 6.5 means that for every unit of electricity required to run the compressor, 6.5 units of heat produce from the pump. Therefore, more efficient pumps boast higher COPs.
Unfortunately, there is no standard COP measurement test, which can make comparing pool heat pumps difficult. We recommend speaking with one of our certified pool-heating specialists to determine the most efficient and appropriate pool heat pump for your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne home.

Scroll Compressors vs. Reciprocal Compressors
Contrary to what the name suggests, a pool heat pump does not actually produce heat—instead, it utilises electricity to capture and convert outside air into heat and circulate this heat throughout your swimming pool. Where older pumps rely on bulky and outdated reciprocal compressors, today’s pool heat pumps make use of scroll (or spiral) compressors. This innovative, compact design entails two interleaving scrolls that pump, compress, and pressurize liquids and gases, moving them quickly and efficiently through the heating cycle.

Something to be aware of when it comes to pool heat pumps in Sydney, Melbourne and other colder climates is that the cooler the air a pump draws in, the harder that unit has to work to convert and heat it. So while this heating solution does cater more to warm outdoor temperatures, how often you utilise your swimming pool is a good indicator of whether the investment is worthwhile.

To learn more about this energy efficient heating alternative, chat to one of our certified pool heating specialists today on 1800 815 913.

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