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Platinum Pool Rollers


Are you having trouble putting your Pool Blanket on and off your pool?

Would you like a pool blanket roller that is easy to use and looks good too?

Then you need to contact us for a quote on a platinum pool roller.

Sunlover heating sell high quality Pool Blankets and Platinum Rollers. 

Storing your pool blanket on a roller minimises the potential to damage the bubble material on your pool blanket, and it saves time and space.

Platinum Pool Blanket Rollers are a solid construction in white powder coated aluminium.  The range is flexible and comprehensive. 

More features of the Platinum Pool Blanket Rollers:-

*  Simple roller action

*  Modern unobtrusive appearance

*  Durable Construction

*  There are stationary and mobile units available with a 320mm or 400mm high roller

*  Tube is anodized and the aluminium frame is powder coated

Platinum Pool Blanket Rollers protect your investment!

plat-32st                         sunlover-roller