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OASIS Inverter Heat Pumps: Whisper Quiet

Sunlover OASIS Ci Inverter Heat Pump

Much to the joy of pool owners across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, the days of noisy pumps are well and truly over. But there is no model that comes close to the whisper-quiet operation of the Oasis Inverter Heat Pump. If you haven’t already, discover the benefits of swimming pool inverter heat pumps – a quieter, ambience-friendly option to your pool heating needs.

Why they’re quieter

While many heat pump manufacturers have been working towards lowering their decibel noise level, the arrival of inverter heat pumps on the scene, such as the Oasis Inverter series, has made an audial impact to the technology itself. These new pumps adjust their fan and motor speed until the desired temperature is reached, using technology pioneered by the air conditioning industry to keep things quiet and acclimatised.

How they work

Swimming pool inverter heat pumps draw trace amounts of heat right out of cool or warm air before turning it into a refrigerant gas, which then gets compressed and heated before being pumped into the water. This practice is incredibly energy efficient, taking up to 80% of its power right from the air. Considering that this power would usually end up making a significant impact on your power or gas bill, the end result makes your investment in an inverter heat pump well worth it.

Quiet customisation

Older pool heat pump models offer little customisation when it comes to the speed that it pushes out heat, which can often result in excess noise. Inverter heat pumps deliver more flexibility on how much power you’re using and how fast the pump is working. Once the optimal temperature is reached, the pump slows down, leaving you with a nice, warm pool at a fraction of the noise and cost. Some inverter heat pumps, such as the Oasis series, also allow for you to set up through your mobile phone. This means more relaxing until you’re ready to dive in.

Want to know more?

Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, you’re just a quick call away from getting started on a warmer, budget-friendly option for your pool. Find out more online by calling 1800 815 913.

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