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NEW OASIS C10 heat pump has arrived!


Introducing the new Oasis C10 Heat Pump 

There’s no need to plan ahead to turn on the heat. The new Oasis C10 pool heat pump will keep your swimming pool warm and ready for use all year round! Now available at Sunlover Heating in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the C Series is the top of the line range of pool heat pumps offered by Oasis.

Designed for both extended season and all year-round heating, the C10 is more efficient than standard heat exchangers and comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion. Intrigued? Here are even MORE benefits that the Oasis C10 pool heat pump can bring to your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane pool:

Easy to useOasis-C10-v4

The units are fitted with the highest quality, world-class digital controller to drive the entire system. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the temperature to what you desire. Simple!

10% more heating capacity 

Swimming pool Heat pumps are typically restricted in their heating capacity because there is a limit to how much electricity is available to your home. The Oasis C10 provides you with a larger heating capacity than standard heat pumps and are still fitted with a standard 240A 3 pin plug, therefore requiring no electrician.

Heating & cooling with auto-defrost  

Oasis pool heat pumps work by capturing ambient heat from the air, similar to air conditioners, except they heat instead of cool. The C10 unit has an automatic defrost system which allows the unit to operate in temperatures below 0 degrees C.

Super quiet operation 

The Oasis C10 pool heat pump range is engineered for whisper-quiet operation so it won’t intrude upon your relaxing poolside leisure time.

Cost effective

A pool heat pump is already a very energy-efficient heating option for your pool. But the C10 range from Sunlover Heating is even more cost-effective than before, allowing you to swim in a warm pool for as little as $2.60 per day.

Extend your season even further

There’s no need to stop enjoying your swimming pool when the sun goes down or summer comes to an end. You can easily extend your swimming season even further with Oasis pool heat pumps in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Late nights, early mornings and even winter afternoons can all be enjoyed with a dip with a C10 heat pump bringing the heat.

If you’d like to find out more, please download the brochure here or call 1800 815 913 for a free consult with a Sunlover Heating pool heating expert in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

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