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Maximise your summertime fun with solar pool heating 

If your Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne home is fitted with an outdoor swimming pool, entertainment and relaxation awaits! Particularly during the summertime, swimming pools provide a great opportunity to bring people together. To help you enjoy the warmer months and spend more time as a family this summer, we’ve put together three tips to help you make the most of your outdoor swimming pool.

Poolside entertainment

Lounging by the pool is a cherished Aussie pastime. In fact, the pool is the perfect place for a backyard barbecue, so why not take your social gathering poolside this summer? During the day, you can enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and great music. By night, try adding some floating lights or pool candles to provide ambience for the perfect cocktail party. Citronella candles and outdoor fly trips are excellent tricks to help rid your pool area of unwanted bugs and insects, and make pool time more enjoyable. Tiki torches and lemon plants work well, too.

Late night swimming with solar pool heating 

Cooler evening temperatures in cities like Melbourne and Sydney doesn’t mean you have to shut down your swimming pool after the sun sets. Enjoy a late night dip without the “chill factor” by installing solar pool heating. Solar pool heating Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne pools goes a long way towards extending your pool days and your swimming season. Solar pool heaters absorb the sun’s rays, converting them into powerful heating energy and increasing pool temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Solar heating is particularly beneficial if your pool is very deep, shaded, or on the southern side of your property.

All-day family pool games  

A great game of pool volleyball is fun for the whole family, so why not spend some quality time together in the water? There are all sorts of pool games to entertain family members of any age, from classic Marco Polo to a simple game of catch. In fact, most pool fun can be had without spending a dollar, so why stop when the sun goes down or summer comes to an end? You can easily extend your swimming season with solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. As a general rule, solar pool heating pools will extend your swimming season by up to 8-12 weeks!

The swimming pool is a great setting for all kinds of summer activities. With solar pool heating, there is no reason to stop swimming when it gets cool early in the morning or late at night. Speak to our team of pool heating professionals at Sunlover Heating about installing solar pool heating at your place by calling 1800 815 913. No matter which city you live in, solar pool heating Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool.

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