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Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It?

Would you love a warm pool all year round but don’t love the cost of all year-round heating? Sunlover Heating has got you covered! With a solar pool heater, you can significantly reduce your pool heating costs. Compared to gas and heat pump heaters, solar pool heating is significantly cheaper with very low annual operating costs. Solar might be such a competitive option that it may be best suited to your climate.  

How Does Solar Heating Work? 

Your solar heating solution will include:  

  • A solar collector – This is where the pool water is circulated to be warmed by the sun 
  • A filter – This will ensure all the debris has been removed before the water is moved through the collector. 
  • A pump – Used to pump the water through the filter, collector and then back to the pools 
  • A flow control valve – Depending on your solar heater this may be an automatic or manual device that will divert the pool water through the solar collector. 

The simplicity of a solar pool heater allows them to be cost-effective and long-lasting. Firstly, the water is circulated through the filter and then the solar collector, where it is heated and then returned to the pool. In warm climates, this same process can be completed at night to cool the water.  

Selecting a Solar Pool Heater?  

Sunlover Heating offers you a choice between strip and rigid solar heating. The strip solar heating has been designed to allow you to have the swim when you want lifestyle, utilising cutting edge technology. Whilst the rigid solar heating has been designed for optimum heat transfer and to withstand Australia’s toughest conditions.  

Evaluating Your Sites Solar Resource

Before you go ahead and purchase a solar pool heating system, we recommend determining how much sun exposure the location will receive. The efficiency of your solar heating system will solely depend on how much sun exposure that spot will receive. 

What Size of a Solar Pool Heater do I Require?  

There are numerous factors that you need to consider when purchasing a solar pool heating system. These may include:  

  • Pool size 
  • Length of swimming season 
  • Average regional temperatures 
  • Desired pool temperature 
  • Site’s solar resource 
  • Collector orientation and tilt 
  • Collector efficiency 
  • Use of a pool blanket

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