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Is a Pool Heater Worth the Money?

How much time do you spend in your pool? What temperature do you want your pool to be? If your pool was warmer, would you spend more time using it?  

Adding a Sunlover pool heater into your swimming pool could seem like a costly investment only to get a little longer swimming time each year. However, for many people this can make a huge difference. This could be the motivation you need to spend more time in your pool exercising and relaxing.  

Pool heating will give you the opportunity to swim in any weather even during winter. Being able to heat your swimming pool from anywhere between 24 to 30 degrees will allow you to get the most out of your backyard all year round.  

However, it depends on various factors like weather, location, length of use and longevity of the heating solution.  


If your pool is located in a sunny environment and using a solar blanket, your pool water may still be cool due to humidity. However, the sun coverage may influence your choice of pool heating.  


If your pool is located in an area where it has full exposure to the sun, you may not need an electric pool heater Sydney.  

However, if your pool is primarily in the shade, then even on extremely hot days your water may still be cold. Therefore, a gas pool heater may be for you!  

Length Of Use  

It is important to consider how regularly you will be using your pool heater. If you’re only using it for 2 months out of the year, it may not be worth it.  


 A Sunlover pool heater Sydney can last up to 25 years if regularly maintained. Thus, a worthwhile investment for an extra few months of use a year.  

Estimated Cost of Running a Pool Heater  

Type of Heater Cost Per Month 
Solar $0 to $10 
Heat Pump $120 to $200 
Gas Heater (Natural Gas) $200 to $400 
Gas Heater (Propane) $200 to $850 

Solar heating is the most cost-effective choice for month-to-month expenses. However, it is important to also consider how long you plan to use the heater and the initial purchase price of the heating solution.  

Whilst it is clear to see that heating your pool is worth it, the question is more about which pool heating solution is going to work best for you and your pool.  

Find out about our range of heating solution here! 

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