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Is a Blue or Clear Solar Pool Cover Better for Sydney Pool Owners?  

Tile grid at bottom of pool with water

Solar Pool Covers are great for protecting your pool from debris, insects, minimising evaporation, and providing insulation. However, when shopping for a Solar Pool Cover in Sydney, not many individuals realise the significance of the colour aside from aesthetics. The colour choice of your Solar Pool Cover is something to consider as it will help produce different results and benefits for your pool. In this blog, we will explore the popular colour options available, as well as the results and benefits they produce, to help you decide which colour Solar Pool Cover would best suit your pool. 

The most common and popular colours readily available for Solar Pool Covers in Sydney are Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Clear. 

Clear – Due to the transparency, Clear Solar Pool Covers allow the sun’s UV light to penetrate through to the pool water easily, thereby generating heating for your pool.  

Higher exposure to UV light can break down pool maintenance chemicals. 

Light Blue – Light Blue Solar Pool Covers retain heat and shield the sun’s UV light more effectively.  

Light blue is the most popular Solar Pool Cover colour as it is a nice balance in between. 

Dark Blue – Dark blue solar pool covers are the most effective for retaining heat; however, the heat gain is a lot less than with clear solar pool covers. 

Transparent and Opaque Solar Pool Covers each have their pros and cons. As we explored previously, the transparency of clear Solar Pool Covers is great for providing heat gain. However, because of the higher exposure to UV light, this can break down pool maintenance chemicals, such as chlorine in your pool, and, in turn, require more frequent repurchasing and replenishing. 

Time of day and surrounding environment are other factors to take into consideration when choosing the colour of your Solar Pool Cover in Sydney. It is good practice to use your Solar Pool Cover whenever your pool is not in use. By using your Solar Pool Cover during the day, this will help with heat, and by using your Solar Pool Cover at night, this assists with reducing evaporation and heat loss. 

Ultimately, the colour you decide for your Solar Pool Cover depends on what results you want to achieve. Clear covers are an excellent choice for quick solar heating, dark blue is most effective for retaining heat, and light blue is a perfect in-between compromise for the best of both the dark blue benefits and clear. 

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