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Introducing the OASIS iX RAPID HEAT pool pump in Sydney  

When shopping around for a new pool heat pump in Sydney, it can often be confusing and overwhelming researching all the different pool heat pump models and ranges, as well as ensuring that they have all the latest functions and requirements to suit you. Allow us to introduce the new Oasis iX Rapid Heat pump range! The Oasis iX Rapid is the perfect option if you are looking into a new pool heat pump in Sydney. This blog will go through the features and benefits to help you learn more about The Oasis iX Rapid range. 


WiFi Enabled – This allows you to take full control of your pool heat pump temperature with an optional WiFi module available as an upgrade. 

Energy Efficient – A lot of us are becoming more and more mindful of our energy consumption, not only from an environmental standpoint but also in keeping domestic expenditures at a minimum. Individuals are able to take advantage of off-peak energy tariffs by scheduling your pool heat pump to operate at up to six different times, speeds, and target temperatures throughout the day. The Oasis iX Rapid Range boasts an impressive level of efficiency, surpassing standard on/off pool heat pumps by 30%. 

3.5” Touch Display – The Oasis iX Rapid range has a large LCD touch screen controller to easily control your pool temperature and schedules. Experience effortless and precise control over your pool heat pump temperatures and schedules with our advanced smart LCD controller. Offering programmable features that allow for increased heating capacity during lower non-peak electrical tariff periods, resulting in shorter heat-up times and cost savings! 

Eco Friendly R32 – R32 refrigerant offers a significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to R22, R134A, and R410A, improving heat exchange efficiency and promoting environmental benefits. 

Style and durability – Manufactured using the latest colour-fast UV-resistant technology, guaranteeing a stunning appearance for your backyard without being an eyesore. 

Easy Integration – Instead of sending your excess energy back to the grid, use it to heat your pool. Additionally, the Oasis iX Rapid is solar Photovoltaic (PV) ready, so you are able to combine your Oasis pool heat pump with your PV Solar Power System. This means that the intelligent technology of the controller can adjust the pool heat pump’s capacity to automatically maximise the excess energy produced by your PV system. When connected to a compatible PV inverter or energy management system, it is compatible with up to four PV-ready operating modes, meaning your Oasis pool heat pump offers the technology to adapt to numerous conditions, allowing you control of your home energy consumption. 

Lastly, the support does not stop after your purchase and installation of your pool heat pump in Sydney. Oasis pride themselves on providing in-house after-sales support from our national team, ensuring that you are provided with ongoing, reliable, and personalised customer experience. Giving individuals the comfort and reassurance that they will be taken care of beyond the sale of their pool heat pump in Sydney; this is something that differentiates The Oasis iX range from local competitors. 

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