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How To Store A Solar Pool Cover in Queensland

An important aspect of pool maintenance as a whole is ensuring that pool owners properly care for not only their pool but also their pool accessories, such as Solar Pool Covers as this will enable longevity and may help minimise unexpected costs. In this blog we will look at how pool owners can best store their Solar Pool covers in Queensland so that they are able to get the most out of it for many years ahead.

Pool owners will often have a Solar Pool Cover in Queensland as they are used to help retain heat and prevent heat loss as well as help protect the pool from external debris. Pools Oowners may also find that the use of a Solar Pool cover in Queensland can help reduce water evaporation from their pools by up to 95%.

Depending on the individuals pool set up, there are a couple of different storage solutions for pool owners to store their Solar Pool Cover in Queensland.  

Pool Blanket Roller- Pool owners may have their Solar Pool Cover attached to a roller with straps. Having your Solar Pool Cover stored on a roller is the most convenient and accessible option as it is easy to roll up when the pool is in use and roll out over the pool when the pool is not in use. Storing your Solar Pool Cover on a roller is a great option for pool owners that use their pool frequently.

Pool Cover Bag – When initially purchasing a Solar Pool Cover in Queensland, they often come in a large bag. Pool Owners may choose to keep their Solar Pool Cover stored in the large bag when not in use. If the Solar Pool Cover did not come with a bag, individuals are able to purchase them.

Folded – Pool Owners are also able to store their Solar Pool Covers in Queensland by having them neatly folded up and stored in a designated area away from direct sunlight.

It is recommended that pool owners always clean off their Solar Pool Covers before putting them away in storage as well as not storing their Solar Pool Covers in direct sunlight when not in use or during excessive heat.

In conclusion, there are many ways for Pool Owners to store their Solar Pool Covers in Queensland, it is just a matter of figuring out what would best suit your lifestyle and pool set up. If you or your family use the pool quite frequently, a roller with straps may be the best option for storing your Solar Pool Cover. However, some pool owners may find that their pool does not have the space to install a roller with straps or they may just not like the look of it, storing the Solar Pool Cover in a large bag or folding it away may be a better alternative. If you would like to talk with a professional about the different options for Solar Pool Covers and their storage solutions, please contact Sunlover Heating Queensland today!

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