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How to Put a Solar Cover on a Pool in Brisbane

One of the finest ways to avoid the summer heat is to take a swim in your pool. Make sure to keep your swimming pool in good condition if you want to continue taking rejuvenating swims. As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to build and maintain your pool’s equipment as well as to keep your pool and the area around it clean. You should have a pool cover in addition to your pool heater, pool pump and filter, and other pool maintenance tools.

Pool blankets are a simple yet effective way to heat your pool, however, insuring your pool heat cover is the right size is an important job for the pool owner during the swimming seasons in Brisbane. 


Installing a Sunlover Brisbane solar cover is a fairly easy task, It will prevent heat loss! Take your time, make at least two cuts, and ideally wait two to three weeks before making the final trim. This enables the cover to settle and the packing folds to become flat. A new cover may lose about 10% of its length in the first few weeks; keep this in mind and avoid taking too much off in the mistaken belief that the cover is overly large.
Lay the box’s lid next to the swimming pool after removing it from the box. Spread it out carefully over the surface of the pool with the smooth side facing up and the bubble side facing down. Put it in direct sunlight if you can as the solar heat will create a warmer pool.

When the cover is prepared, smooth it over the swimming pool’s surface to remove wrinkles and air pockets. It often helps to sweep it using a pool brush. With a pair of razor-sharp scissors, begin shaping the flattened material once it has been done. You should cut a “flap” or “tongue” to fit inside the skimmer box when you reach it.
In order to keep the pool clean and prevent leaves or other debris from falling into the water (especially in ground pools), we advise fitting the blanket slightly larger so that it “turns up” at the edges, producing a bowl effect within the swimming pool. Then, before removing the cover, leaves can be swept or blown into the skimmer box. All the way around, leave a solid 10-15 cm of additional material.

If you have assistance, ask them to hold the cover motionless on the side of the pool that is not being used by you. It is crucial to continuously check behind and in front of you while trimming to ensure the cover has not moved.
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Stop cutting once you’ve achieved your basic fit, then allow the blanket to “relax.” You can return and make final fit adjustments in about two to three weeks.

Bubbles Up or Down on Solar Pool Cover?

The short answer is that bubble wrap side on solar pool covers should always be facing downward. Direct sunlight is used to warm the air trapped inside the bubbles in solar pool covers making the water temperature warm.

The heated pool water is the result of the bubble’s heat transfer to the surrounding water. It only makes logical that the solar pool cover bubbles be in direct touch with the pool water surface in this situation.

On the other hand, mounting a solar pool cover with the bubbles facing up may obstruct the process of warming the pool water, ultimately slowing it down and occasionally even seriously injuring the air bubbles. They may simply become too hot when exposed to the Brisbane sun’s direct rays and when there is no way for the heat to be transmitted.

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