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How To Install A Solar Blanket Pool Cover To A Roller

Solar Pool Blankets have a wide range of benefits for your pool, especially in Victoria. They help to reduce water evaporation and chemical loss, saving you money. In Melbourne, where the nights can be quite cold, a pool cover helps to trap heat in. They can also assist in helping to keep your pool clean from dirt and debris, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less cleaning it. Sunlover Victoria have a great range of solar pool covers to suit pools of every shape and size. To protect your pool blanket and make it easier to utilise Sunlover Victoria recommends getting a roller.

Benefits Of Using A Pool Blanket Roller

Ease Of Rolling And Unrolling Your Pool Cover
Pool cover rollers make it much easier to put on and take off your pool cover. Without a roller it takes on average 10 minutes, while with a roller it takes 1 to 2 minutes maximum.

Ease Of Use = Frequency Of Use

Many people will use their pool covers more frequently if they are simple to use. Because of the time and effort required to roll and unroll pool covers, many people simply store them to the side or in the shed. To get the most value and benefits out of your pool blanket, especially in Melbourne, it should be on your pool whenever it is not in use.

Reduces Wear And Tear Of Your Pool Covers

Using a pool cover roller eliminates the need for dragging the cover on rough surfaces and potentially causing damage. It also prevents creasing which can later lead to tears.

Secures Your Pool Cover In Place

A correctly fitted pool cover should not be able to easily move in the wind. However, as it can be quite windy in Victoria, adding a pool blanket roller will add an extra level of protection in helping to keep the cover in place as it will be attached to the roller.

Makes Storing Your Pool Cover Easier

Pool cover rollers also make storing your pool blanket much easier. You can get a solar tarp to put over the rolled cover or easily move it so it is not exposed to the elements. This is especially important in Melbourne, when there is often 3 different seasons each day. Pool covers should be stored out of direct sunlight when not in use as it may cause damage to the bubbles which can lead to the cover being less effective.

How To Install A Pool Cover To a Roller

Position your roller at one end of the pool while your cover is still on the pool. Begin at the centre then attach the eyelet and string to the cover and roller. After attaching the middle eyelet, manually pull your cover off the pool so it rests at the base of the roller. Attach the rest of the strings to the pool blanket and rollers, ensuring they are evenly spaced. Make sure each string is the same length so that the force is distributed evenly when rolling up your pool cover.

To ensure your pool blanket and roller is installed correctly, contact Sunlover Victoria! We are the experts in pool blankets and rollers in Melbourne, with over 30 years of experience.

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