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How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool in Queensland?

Solar pool covers, often called solar blankets, are swimming pool covers that utilize the heat of the sun to keep pools warm. How efficient are solar pool coverings, though? Many pool owners question the value of covering their pools to protect or retain heat.

Heating the pool is one of the easiest ways to prolong your swimming season. Although there are many different types and sizes of pool heaters, a solar cover is a more cost-effective and sustainable way to heat your swimming pool in Queensland.

By absorbing the heat from the sun and transferring it to the water, solar coverings aid in the natural heating of swimming pools. Additionally, it aids your energy costs by preventing heat loss during the cool of the night by securing the heat beneath the solar cover.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool coverings, which go over your pool, are like enormous sheets of bubble wrap. The pool stays warm for a longer period of time because the bubbles retain the heat from the sun. Solar covers assist pools to retain heat by shielding the water from chilly nighttime air in addition to warming pools during the day. How much of a pool can a solar cover heat? On a sunny day, a fully covered pool may typically increase in temperature by 10 to 15 degrees in roughly 6 hours.

Do Solar Pool Covers Work in Queensland?

How well-functioning are solar pool covers? Solar blankets would have perished long ago if they weren’t effective. Solar blankets can cut heat loss and pool water evaporation by up to 95%, according to a 2016 Cal Poly study. Water can be heated by solar pool covers to a minimum temperature of 10 degrees on average in Queensland.

According to the pool experts( 2014 study by Collage), pool covers can reduce energy costs by as much as 30%. In contrast, a 2012 Michigan Energy Office study discovered that pool covers save energy expenses by about 50%. The efficiency of a solar pool cover relies on the amount of pool coverage it provides and the amount of direct sunlight the pool receives.

How Long Does it Take a Solar Cover to Heat a Pool in Queensland?

Your pool can definitely get warmer with a solar pool cover, but just how much warmer depends on a variety of things. The fact that not all solar pool covers can heat a pool should be highlighted. Liquid solar coverings are used to retain heat rather than to heat swimming pools. On the other hand, the most efficient solar cover for heating a pool is a solar blanket.

A solar blanket can raise the water temperature of an entire pool by up to 10-15 degrees in a single day, depending on the weather. On average, expect about a 5-degree increase within the first day. A fully covered pool will warm up in around 6 hours in Queensland, according to the experts.  Three days of sunshine will raise the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees. This relies on several things, such as the cover’s thickness, the exterior temperature if it is an outdoor pool or the internal temperature if it is an indoor pool, how much direct sunlight your pool receives, and whether or not you’re using the solar cover in conjunction with a solar pool heater.

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