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How Does a Pool Heat Pump Work? 

Swimming pool heat pumps offer a cost-effective solution to heating your pool all year round. But how do they work? They simply work like an air conditioning unit but in reverse. The heat pump gains its heat from the air surrounding the unit, even in winter. It then heats the refrigerant, which is compressed, making it even hotter. Then, it uses a heat exchanger to warm the water as it flows through the heat pump and then back into the pool. The refrigerant then expands again which allows it to cool down and absorb more heat from the air surrounding it.  

Sunlover Heating Pool Heat Pump

The heat pump is energy efficient as it only uses a little amount of electricity to run a fan and compressor whilst it is not receiving heat directly from the sun. Due to its energy efficiency, it produces 5 times the amount of energy then is required to heat the water.  

The heat pump does not rely directly on the sun or direct radiation but instead gains its heat through the air. It can gain this heat through the air no matter what time, day or night. So it is effectively solar pool heating but in another form. Heat pumps can provide a saving of more then 60%, even in colder climates (-5°C and lower).  


Initial Cost – Compared to other heating solutions such as a gas heater or solar heater, pool heat pumps are less expensive. They typically cost less to purchase and install the unit.  

Reliable – Pool heat pumps are the most reliable heating solution out of the various choices on the market. Solar heating relies on the sun and gas heaters can be impacted by extreme weather. Whereas pool heat pumps remain consistent year-round.  

Versatility – Not only do pool heat pumps warm your pool, but they can also be used to cool your pool during hot days.  


Operation Cost – Although the pool heat pumps are able to warm your pol during winter, they may be more costly as there is less heat in the air to warm your pool.  

Efficiency – Swimming pool heat pumps can take several hours to heat your pool up. If you are not utilising your pool heat pump during the night, it may retreat to the temperature that it was the previous day.  

Sunlover heating and Oasis offer a range of swimming pool heat pump solutions to suit every application. We have heating solutions for spa heat pumps all the way to commercial swimming pool heat pumps.  

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