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How do Solar Heaters Work for Pools?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your energy bills whilst keeping your pool at the ideal temperature? Then solar pool heating could be the solution for you! Solar pool heating allows you to take advantage of the heat from the sun to heat your pool for free! With Australia’s warm weather, it’s a perfect solution for your swimming pool heating needs.  

How does it work?  

The key components to make your solar pool heating work include:  

  • Solar collector – This area is where your water will run through to be heated by the sun. 
  • Filter – Most swimming pool owners will normally already have a filter. 
  • Pool pump – You should also already own a pool pump.    
  • Flow control valves – These can be fully automatic or these can be something as simple as a three-way valve used to divert water flow to and from your solar heating system. 

Solar pool heating operates the same way as a regular pool heater as they are located at the end of your pool’s pumping and filtration system. However, unlike other pool heating systems, the solar collector is located where it is directly exposed to sunlight for as many hours as possible throughout the day. The water will be pumped through the solar collector before being sent back into the pool.  

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating  

  1. Solar pool heating is run through a natural, renewable energy source of sunlight. It’s a safe method of heating for the environment. 
  1. Solar pool heating is cost-effective! The prices associated with powering heating systems that use gas and electricity are consistently rising. Installing a solar pool heating system may save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. Many systems are fitted with a solar controller to allow you to choose the hours of operation. This means you can run your system only during the day when the sun is out.  
  1. Solar heating is relatively cheap to install. The small cost of installation can be recouped through the savings you will make in your household bill.  
  1. A solar pool heating system means you can swim all year round! A solar heating system can increase your pool temperature from 2 to 10°C, meaning it will allow you to be comfortable in your pool even in winter.  
  1. Solar heaters are low maintenance – enjoy a warm pool for 10+ years without needing a repair or replacement.  

Disadvantages of Solar Pool Heating  

  1. If you live somewhere where it is predominately cold and cloudy, a solar heating system may not be the best solution. Solar heating systems require plenty of sunshine and heat to keep your pool heated.  
  1. Solar pool heating can be slow to warm your pool and will not be the same temperature on different days as it is dependent on the weather.   

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