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Hiding Brisbane pool heat pumps in style

There’s nothing quite like venturing outside for a swim in your own swimming pool, whenever you feel like it. Heating that swimming pool means you can enjoy it all year round, without feeling the chill of the outside weather. However, many pool owners are unsure about installing pool heat pumps because of their appearance. But pool heat pumps don’t have to be an eyesore in your Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane backyard. Make your pool the centre of your garden again with these top ideas for disguising your pool heat pumps and equipment.

Fence it in 

A small fence, wall or screen near your pool deck is a simple way to hide pool heat pumps from sight. Choose from glass, steel or wood to match the existing decor and materials of your existing outdoor area and visitors won’t notice the all-important equipment thats keeping your pool at the perfect temperature.

What’s in the box?

An equipment box offers more protection for your pool gas heater or pool heat pump than a simple walled enclosure. Pool heat pumps or filter boxes usually have hinged lids, with a hook to keep them open safely when you need to get inside. Equipment boxes with wooden slats will provide good ventilation for the pump.

Amongst the greenery

If your pool heating is in a grassy area, why not hide the equipment with plants? Bamboo grows quickly and is great for concealing unsightly areas. Other choices include tall, dense hedges, camouflaging evergreen bushes or ornamental grasses. Be careful to avoid plants with fruits or those prone to dropping leaves in order to minimise damage from debris. Heat pumps also require free air circulation, so make sure you plant any greenery about 3 feet away from the heat pump to allow proper air flow.

Stylish housing

Get creative and use an old-school bathing box, cubby house or garden shed to house your pool heating equipment. Remember, your heat pump requires a location with a good flow of air, so providing it with some windows is a good idea.

Go sleek and slim

Contrary to popular belief, not all pool heat pumps are unsightly. Here at Sunlover, we have a stylish heat pump that offers a welcome change to the bulky heating units of the past. If you need a new system, opt for the Elite Alloy range —these are slim, state-of-the-art units that won’t draw any unwanted attention.

Don’t ignore the return on investment that pool heat pumps can provide for your Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne pool. Get more out of your pool with warm water all year round, thanks to a pool heater from Sunlover Heating. If you want to learn more about our selection of pool heating products, contact us today. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or elsewhere, a consultant is waiting to speak to you on 1800 815 913.

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