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Heat Pumps – Whats the right size for me?

oasis Heat Pumps - SunloverHeat Pumps can be obtained in a number of sizes ranging from 2 kW to 200 kW output. The one to suit your application will depend on careful consideration of                                    the following factors;






Location – local climatic conditions largely influence selection


Temperature – although the choice is entirely yours, the following is a guide:

     *exercise and/or fun pool – 24 to 28 degrees C

     *therapeutic exercise – 28 to 35 degrees C

     *spa pool – 34 to 38 degrees C


Size of Pool – determine the pool volume by multiplying the surface area in sq. metres by the average depth (including wading areas and spa). Select the appropriate unit for the volume of the pool.


Shading & exposure to wind – these can effect the heat losses and gains of heated water


Pool position – indoor or outdoor


Season – do you want to swim all year round or just extended the swimming season