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GeoBubble Pool Blankets Save You Time and Money

No Other Pool Blanket Beats a GeoBubble Blanket

Why Buy a GeoBubble Pool Blanket for your Swimming Pool?

– GeoBubble swimming pool solar covers are the most advanced pool blankets available.

– GeoBubble’s advanced technology adds and retains more heat to your swimming pool, reducing energy consumption by up to 70%

– Using a GeoBubble Pool Blanket cuts chemical consumption by up to 40% and reduces evaporation by 98%

– Less water is lost in evaporation which means the pool blanket will save water, energy and chemical costs.

– Sunlover Heating sells genuine 500 micron GeoBubble Pool Blankets with an 8 year pro rata warranty.

– Whether you live in Wahroonga, Sydney, NSW or St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC a Pool Blanket is going to save you time and money!