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Busted: five pool heating myths

Are you shopping for gas pool heaters or pool heat pumps for your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne pool? Its important that you have all the right facts before you buy — but this isn’t easy with so many myths floating around. At Sunlover Heating, we’re here to clear up the false information and set the record straight. Our team has busted 5 common pool heating myths to help you make the right choice when choosing pool heating in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Myth: The bigger the heat pump, the better

Busted: Bigger pool heat pumps might mean more power, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Finding the right pool heat pump for you relies on many factors, including the size of your pool and your average climate. A small pool heat pump can heat your pool just as effectively as a large one — and at half the cost!

Myth: Pool heat pumps are too noisy

Busted: The noise level of pool heat pumps is one of the biggest considerations for pool owners when choosing a new system. But not all pool heat pumps are created equally, which means they’re not all noisy either. Well-maintained pool heat pumps will produce just enough noise to let you know they’re running, without being a nuisance.

Myth: Pool heating is bad for the environment

Busted: It is true that gas pool heaters produce a large amount of C02 emissions, but not all pool heaters are the same. In fact, pool heat pumps and solar pool heating systems are far better for the environment, involving nearly zero emissions.

Myth: Pool heaters are just an expensive addition 

Busted: A pool heater actually adds to the cost effectiveness of owning a pool, by allowing you to use the pool for more months of the year. In order to make the most of this investment at your Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne home, you should be using and enjoying it as often as possible. If you can use the pool all year round, the cost per swim is greatly reduced.

Myth: Pool covers don’t improve pool temperature

Busted: Most people don’t believe in the ability of pool covers to make a significant difference to their pool temperature, but they really do! By keeping your pool covered with a solar pool cover when not in use, you can drastically reduce evaporation loss, and therefore the cost of replacing and reheating lost water.

Whether you live in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, pool heating is the best way to get the most out of your swimming pool. Speak to our team of pool heating professionals at Sunlover Heating about installing pool heat pumps at your home, by calling 1800 815 913.

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