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Don’t Forget About Your Pool This Winter!

For most pool owners, your pool seems to go untouched throughout the winter months. Whilst here in Australia we don’t have to protect our pools from freezing temperatures, it is still essential to look after and maintain your pool. Not only will maintaining your pool throughout winter help save you money when it comes to bringing your pool back to life, but it will also ensure that your pool can bounce back quickly when it is swimming season again.  

Here are 5 simple tips on how to look after your pool this winter:  

1. Keep Your Pool Clean 

As simple as it sounds, many pool owners will forget to do this come winter. Simply removing the leaves out of your pool can ensure there is no buildup of organic matter in your filter. 

2. Cover Your Pool  

Sunlover Pool blankets have quickly become a favoured pool product used in Australian backyards. They can help by:  

  • Trapping your pool heat; this will help to stabilise the water chemistry and reduce the power consumption on your pool heater.
  • Keep any organic matter and debris out of your pool. This reduces the maintenance during winter and will result in less work when summer comes back around.

3. Balance Your Pool Chemicals  

Although your pool isn’t being regularly used, it doesn’t mean you should give it the out of sight out of mind treatment. It’s very important to ensure that your pool chemicals are balanced all year round!  

4. Run Your Pool Filter  

Your pool’s filter should still be operating for 3-4 hours each day. If you rely on a timer, make sure you adjust it to suit this.  

Helpful tip: If you run your filter during off-peak periods, this can help you save money! 

5. Keep up the Maintenance 

To ensure that the transition from winter to spring is not a hard or costly one you still need to ensure that you are keeping up your pool’s maintenance. That’s why we recommend implementing a simple maintenance routine all year round. Quickly checking your water chemistry and filter gauge every couple of weeks will ensure that your pool stays in top shape. Additionally, you could have your water tested by a professional mid-season to ensure that it is where it should be at.  

If next winter you would like to be swimming in your pool rather than just maintaining it, talk to one of our experts about making your dream a reality today! 

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