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Does Solar Pool Heating Work in Winter? 

Firstly, what is solar pool heating? Solar pool heating is a way to heat your pool naturally. It can be installed on a new or existing pool to get a longer season out of your swimming pool. For example, in warm states such as Queensland, you could add an additional three months either side of your current swimming season.  

Solar pool heating can be easily installed by your local Sunlover heating specialists, no need for additional tradesmen. This could make solar pool heating a more feasible option than other swimming pool heater.  

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?  

Solar swimming pool heating works by pumping cold water into the filter and then into a solar collector, which is then heated by the sun. There are two types of solar collectors:  

Rigid solar heating is a durable heating solution. Sunlover heating utilises rigid heating tubes that are connected for insulation so that they can stay warmer for longer! Sunlover’s design allows for the rigid solar system to withstand freezing conditions.  

Strip solar heating has been used for decades in Australia. It is made of soft flexible tubes which can be installed on your roof to absorb the sun. Strip solar heating is best for people with minimal roof space or if you have an irregular shaped roof.  

No matter which solar pool heating system you decide to choose, they both link up with a solar controller. These allow your pool to be heated to the ideal temperature as well as save you money. The sophisticated technology recognises the time of day to heat your pool at the optimal time.  

Does Solar Pool Heating Work in Winter? 

On average your solar pool heating will increase your pool temperature by 5 – 15 degrees than it’s current temperature. Therefore, it should not be relied on to create a warm pool 365 days in the year. However, multiple factors will impact upon the temperature of your swimming pool during the winter months. This will include: the size of the solar collector, roof orientation and the amount of shade your pool and roof get.  

If you want to be able to swim 365 days out of the year, you could also utilise another heating solution such as a heat pump to give your pool a boost during the coldest of winter days.  

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