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Does Home Insurance Cover Pools and Pool Heat Pumps in QLD? 

As we come into the warmer seasons, a lot of us start to weigh up the pros and cons of getting a pool in Queensland. Something that a lot of individuals ask is, “Does home and contents insurance cover pools and pool heat pumps in Queensland?” This is a good question. The answer is yes, for most insurance providers. However, it is always a good idea to check with your nominated provider directly, as each policy will differ in what they offer and what their inclusions and exclusions are. 

An important factor to keep in mind is that general pool maintenance and safety is still up to the homeowner. So it is important for Queensland pool owners to regularly keep up to date with building codes and regulations, as well as their pool and pool heat pump maintenance as well as to stay on top of general wear and tear as they develop. Doing this can prevent larger costs in the future as well as prevent accidents and liability. 

Is my pool and pool heat pump eligible? Depending on the insurance provider, they may cover all types of pools in Queensland, such as in-ground pools and above-ground pools (including inflatable pools), as well as portable spas. In-ground pools, being classed as a fixed structure of the home, may fall under home or building insurance, and above-ground pools, portable spas, and inflatable pools may fall under contents insurance. This is important to consider while deciding on which pool or insurance provider would suit your needs. 

Optional Cover Motor burnout cover – The majority of insurance providers will offer extra optional cover that you can add on to your existing Home and Contents cover. For owners of pools in Queensland, extras to look out for are Motor burnout and Flood cover. Motor burnout is a highly recommended extra optional cover, as this will ensure that your electric motor for any of your pool accessories, for example, your pool heat pump, will be covered in Queensland. It is important to note some insurance providers will have a clause that to be eligible for the cover, it must be less than 5, 10, or 15 years old, which is a good reminder for pool owners to keep up to date with their pool and accessories maintenance. 

Water damage – Depending on the insurance provider, water damage caused by pools, for example, leakage or overflow, may be covered and included in the default Home and Contents plan that you have nominated. It is quite rare for this to fall under extra optional cover, but it is always best to check. 

In conclusion, for individuals looking at installing a pool and pool heat pump in their Queensland home, it is good peace of mind to know that this investment is covered by most insurance companies. However, it is important for individuals to shop around and to remember to carefully read through and see eligibility, as well as to check extra optional cover that will benefit their pools and accessories’ specific needs. Doing this may help with cutting down unexpected costs that may arise in the future. 

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