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Do Solar Pool Blankets Work

Solar pool covers are pool covers that use the sun’s free resources to keep your pool warm. But do they actually work? Many pool owners may be skeptical about spending more money on heating their pool after installing a pool and an additional heating system.  

Here is how we know that it will be a worthwhile investment:  

How Do the Solar Blankets Work?  

A solar pool cover works like a big sheet of bubble wrap that wraps the top of your pool. The bubbles tap the sun’s heat and transfer it into the pool, keeping your pool warmer for longer. In addition to warming your pool during the day whilst the sun is out, they also work to maintain the temperature of your pool throughout the night. Therefore, protecting your pool from the cool night air and wind. But how warm will this make your pool? On average, in the warm Queensland sun, you can increase your pool temperature by 10 – 15 degrees over a 6-hour period.  

Does your pool need to be fully covered? Whilst fully covering your pool will offer the best results, partial coverage of your pool will still work to heat your pool.  

Do Pool Blankets Actually Work?  

Before spending more money on your pool, you want to make sure that a pool cover will actually work right? Well, rest assured, if pool covers weren’t effective, they wouldn’t still be on the pool heating market. Sunlover backs its products with years of consumer research and product development. Solar blankets have been proven to reduce evaporation by 95% and increase your pool’s water temperature by 10 degrees with a full day of sunshine. However, the individual effectiveness of your pool will depend on how much pool coverage the blanket will get and the exposure it will have to the sun.  

Is Getting a Pool Blanket Worth It? 

We understand that moving the pool blanket on and off your pool during summer can be time-consuming and generally a two-person job. Additionally, a pool blanket is another item that you must maintain on top of your pool and your other pool heating solution. So, is it worth it? If you don’t currently have a pool heating solution, a pool blanket can be a cheaper alternative to keep your pool warmer. However, it is also a good addition to make the most out of your current pool heating solution. 

Want to find out whether a pool blanket will suit your pool? Get in contact with our staff today! 

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