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Control your pool from the palm of your hand

Imagine having the ability to control your swimming pool heat pump from wherever you are, at any time. Well, with a revolutionary upgrade to the new range of Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pumps, now you can! Using a world-class digital controller to drive the entire system, you can adjust the temperature of your pool to whatever you desire at the touch of a button. Poolside or on the run, you can program the Oasis Ci anytime, anywhere with iPhone connectivity. Your perfect pool experience is only a click away!

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Making winter swimming easy

Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, taking a dip in a nice warm pool during cooler weather is a great winter activity. From getting in some easy exercise to keeping the kids entertained on school holidays, swimming is a wonderful way to pass the time. But if you have to wait for your pool to heat up, your swimming time is drastically reduced. With your pool heat pump connected to your smartphone or tablet, you don’t have to wait until you get home to turn on the pool heater. Simply open the Smart Pool Heater app, turn your system on and have your pool temperature swim-ready by the time you get home!

How does it work?

As an added upgrade, each Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pump unit can be fitted with a Wi-Fi module which provides a direct connection to your heat pump (AP Mode) via your smartphone. Via this app, you’ll also be able to monitor the water temperature, reset the target temperature and change the running mode directly from your phone.

Installation of this functions is less costly and less complicated than many other devices currently available on the market, meaning you can have it up and running sooner, and for less! The upgraded Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pump is perfect for homeowners who want the convenience and cost savings of being able to control the pool from their smartphone.

What else can it do?

There are some additional features to the Smart Pool Heater app too. These include:

  • Weather forecasts so you can plan the best time for swimming
  • Online feedback so Oasis know how the system can be improved
  • Tips for easy and optimal use of your Oasis Ci unit
  • Regular software updates to keep the system running smoothly

Want to learn more?

You can easily extend your swimming season even further in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane with the new range of Oasis Ci Inverter Heat Pumps. If you’d like to find out more, you can find some more information here or give us a call on 1800 815 913 for a free consultation with a Sunlover Heating pool heating expert in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

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