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Why you should consider Solar pool heating in the Latrobe Valley

Solar pool heating is a great option for home owners outside of Melbourne, in order to extend the swimming season of their pools. Regional areas quite often have a mixed bag when it comes to weather and the ideal time to swim. However, you can really extend the time your family spends in the water when you install solar pool heating in towns such as Warrigal, Traralgon, or Sale. With solar pool heating, you have the ability to extend the use of your pool from spring right through until early autumn. Here at Sunlover Heating, we have a range of options for solar pool heating that will be incredibly effective in regional places such as Traralgon, Sale, and Warrigal.

Utilise solar pool heating to heat your Sale swimming pool
No matter where you live, if you have a swimming pool that remains unused for the most part of the year, solar pool heating is a great way to obtain that ‘swim How Sunlover Solar Workswhen you want’ lifestyle. Utilising the latest technology in order to harness free heat from the sun, solar pool heating from Sunlover Heating features state of the art solar absorbers designed by leading polymer engineers. With Sunlover solar pool heating, you can warm your Warrigal, Traralgon, or Sale swimming pool, for an extended swimming season including morning, noon, and night swimming. Solar pool heating will also cost you a lot less than other forms of pool heating.

Family enjoy Solar pool heating Sale, Warrigal, Traralgon

Understanding how solar pool heating works in Traralgon, Sale and Warrigal
Solar heating of your swimming pool sounds difficult, however, it’s much easier than what you might imagine. It works by pumping the water from your swimming pool, up through the solar absorbers that are installed on your roof. These robust absorbers collect the heat, and as the pool water flows through it becomes heated before flowing back into the main pool. You can even control the temperature of your pool so it is absolutely perfect for your family, no matter the time of day. There two solar pool heating options, rigid solar heating and strip solar heating, each working differently to satisfy particular needs. Sunlover Heating can discuss the differences to help you to understand which is best suited for your situation. It is easy to see why so many people want solar pool heating at their Sale, Warrigal, and Traralgon properties.

Can you get Solar pool heating if you live in Sale, Warrigal and Traralgon?
You sure can! Sunlover Heating has local technicians available throughout Victoria. Our solar pool heating options come with the very best lifetime warranty, which includes damaged caused by cockatoos and freezing. With Sunlover Heating’s state of the art engineering and smart design, it is no surprise that we are the preferred supplier of solar and gas swimming pool heating, and pool heat pumps to pool installation companies, pool stores, and home builders. With over 65,000 solar pool heating systems installed across Australia, Victorian families will love solar pool heating at their Sale, Warrigul and Traralgon homes.

To have a chat about solar pool heating options in Sale, Warrigal, and Traralgon; or anywhere else in Australia for that matter, call Sunlover Heating today on 1800 815 913.

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