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Pool Heating Caloundra

Despite Queensland’s heat and humidity, your swimming pool is not always warm.

Commercial Pool Heating

About Sunlover Pool Heating Caloundra

Sunlover heating Caloundra has pool heating solutions to assist in keeping your pool warm all year round even in both summer and winter.  

Why choose Sunlover Heating Caloundra for your heating solutions? 


Solar Pool Heating

Sunlover Heating Caloundra is one of the leading pool heating companies in Queensland for both domestic and commercial pools. Our heating solutions not only prioritises an affordable price but also a superior design. The Rigid Solar Heating and Strip Solar Heating collector options, utilise reliable technology and a superior design at the most affordable price.  


Strip Solar Heating

Strip solar heating is built to withstand the elements with a round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing and splitting. The black matte outside protects against UV weathering and increases solar absorption, providing superior performance. This heating option uses Energy Flow 10 technology to ensure rapid heating and extended swim season.   


Rigid Solar Heating

Rigid solar heating has a fully moulded header for increased strength to be able to withstand a 241km/h cyclone. High efficiency is maintained through factory testing for strength and leaks. Rigid strip solar heating panels are inexpensive to maintain.    


Solar Controller

Solar controllers allow you to take control of your pool heating and maintain your perfect pool temperature through the latest technology. Each solar controller is Australian-made and serviced to provide you with an easy-to-use, set and forget program.   

Heat Pumps

Sunlover Caloundra pool heat pumps technology is our core strength. Our pool heat pumps are designed out of the most reliable components giving them a longer service life. The Oasis X Series heat pump is an energy efficient pump that has super quiet operation as well as a rustproof and anti-corrosive system.  

 Our inverter series heat pumps reduce energy use through there variable speed function. This unit is also fitted with a silence mode to ensure it complies with council regulations.  

Oasis Aquatics Filter Pumps

Commercial Pool Heating

For over 25 years Sunlover heating has designed and installed commercial pool heating solutions for Caloundra. Our expert team provides cost effective and reliable products to suit your commercial pool no matter the size. Our projects have included numerous council public pools, sports centres, retirement villages, strata buildings, therapy pools, resort pools and schools across Australia. We also provide 24/7 service support Australia wide.  


Commercial solar pool heating

Solar pool heating is easy to operate and provides optimum heat transfer to your swimming pool. It is a popular choice for heating various sized pools in Australia. Our solar controller allows you to control your pool temperature. Sunlover commercial solar pool heating offers both strip and rigid panel solar heating solutions for your pool.  


Commercial pool heat pumps

Sunlover Heating Caloundra offers Oasis Heat Pump commercial pool heating solutions. Sunlover Heating Caloundra Commercial pool heating solutions are highly effective, quiet running and cost effective. Combine your heat pump with solar for maximum efficiency.  


Commercial Filtration Systems

Sunlover filtration systems work with commercial pool heating to be able to provide you with consistent heating for any size swimming pool. Sunlover partners up with reliable brands to provide you with quality products to meet the demands of your commercial pool.  

Swimming Pool
Solar Pool Blanket

Sunlover Heating Caloundra Pool blankets

Sunlover Caloundra pool blankets are specifically designed to withstand the effects of UV laden solar rays, chemicals and salt. Sunlover Heating Caloundra pool blankets are manufactured from UV stabilised, chemical resistant, reinforced, and laminated materials. Sunlover’s pool blankets reduce water evaporation, heat loss, dirt, debris and chemical loss whilst increasing the temperature in your pool. Depending on the climate and rainfall, your pool can lose between 100 and 200 litres of water every day. Sunlover pool blankets can help reduce water loss by creating a barrier between your pool and the atmosphere  

Sunlover Heating Caloundra Blanket rollers

Sunlover Caloundra have a large range of blanket rollers to suit your pool cover. Our contemporary design make our blanket rollers stand out from others on the market. Some key features include durable construction, large crank wheels, non-slip rubber stoppers, easy combination winding system and modern unobtrusive appearance. Each pool roller is easy to use and fits every pool cover shape. Our pool blanket rollers come with a year of pro rata warranties for peace of mind.  

Sunlover Caloundra blanket rollers reduce pool maintenance requirements, significantly lowering upkeep costs. Blanket rollers will suit either a thermal or solar blanket, making them ideal for your favoured pool blanket.  

Clear Pool blanket with Stainless Roller

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Sunlover Caloundra is proud to offer installation services to keep you in your swimming pool all year-round.


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