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6 Things to Consider When Buying a Swimming Pool Heater 

1. What are Your Priorities?  

In an ideal world, we would have a pool heater that is cheap, inexpensive to run, energy-efficient that is also economically friendly whilst heating your pool efficiently. However, the current options on the market may only allow you to have a heating solution that has some of these options. Before looking into each heating solution, identify what you want to prioritse in your pool heater. This may make your decision easier! 

2. The Surface Area of Your Pool 

The size of your pool or spa will influence which heating solution will be most beneficial for you. Spas and smaller pools will heat quickly and efficiently using a gas heater, whilst larger pools would be best with electric heating. Small and large pools can be efficiently heated with solar heating, however that also depends on the climate in which you live.  

3. Climate  

Solar heating operates best in climates with greater sun exposure and a small wet season. It would be best if you considered the average temperature of the coldest month that you are planning to swim in. This will allow you to select the size of your heater that your pool requires.  

4. Cost to Run 

Solar pool heating is often the cheapest heating solution to run as it relies on the energy from the sun to heat your pool. An additional price is added when your solar pump is running to heat your pool. Pool heat pumps are often the second most cost effective heating solution for your pool. In third place you have gas heating, this is dependent however on where you live and the type of gas you want to heat your pool with.  

5. Efficiency  

The efficiency of your heating method will depend on your pool or spa size. Whilst gas heating may be the most expensive heating solution, it works best in small bodies of water. Gas heating is able to heat quickly so you are not running it for as long as a heat pump or solar heating.  

6. Overall Costs  

Whilst solar pool heating may be cheaper than other heating solutions to run, it may incur a slightly higher installation cost. Meanwhile, Gas heaters on the other hand are more expensive to run but may not be used as often. Just remember to factor in both the initial and long-term costs! 

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