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5 Easy Ways to Store Your Pool Blanket In The Winter

Using a solar pool blanket or solar pool cover is one of the most efficient and economical ways to warm your pool. When properly maintained, a solar pool cover can provide efficient heating and can last for a long time, making it a sound investment for your home.

A solar pool blanket made from light material may be ideal for summer, but not for winter. During winter months, you especially need to take care of your solar pool blanket so that it does not get damaged and lose its ability to heat water. Put your pool blanket in storage to preserve its quality for future use. 

To help you keep it in excellent condition, here are five easy ways to store your pool blanket in the winter:

  1. Keep your pool blanket clean

Before you store your pool blanket for the winter, clean it thoroughly first. Spray water on your pool blanket with a hose and brush off the dirt and debris as much as possible. Use a small amount of dish detergent and lightly scrub your pool blanket with a soft push broom.

Rinse well and make sure that the bottom side of your pool blanket is also clean so that you will not find leaves, bugs or grass clippings stuck on its underside when you unroll it in the following year.

Do your cleaning in a location that can also drain water well, preferably your house’s driveway. If you do not have a big enough space, you can clean your pool blanket one area at a time.

  1. Dry your pool blanket as much as possible

After rinsing your pool blanket, make sure to dry it as much as possible so that mildew does not build up.

There are many ways for you to dry your pool blanket. One way is to spread it out on hot asphalt or concrete for a short time. Another way is to hang it over a sturdy long rope secured high above the ground. 

If you are leaving it out under the sun to dry, do not leave it too long to prevent damage. Using a leaf blower can also dry your pool blanket quickly.

Before folding your solar pool blanket for storage, double check if it is dry, and that new debris has not found its way into the folds while you were cleaning it.

  1. Patch holes on your pool blanket

While cleaning your pool blanket, look for any holes or tears. Patch up any holes that you find with a self-adhesive pool cover patch kit. If you need more help,  call your pool blanket supplier to have it repaired.

  1. Properly fold your pool blanket

Once your solar pool blanket is dry enough and ready to be stored for the winter, you can either roll it or fold it.

If you are folding it, fold the pool blanket over on itself, similar to the pleats of an accordion. Your folds should be about 3-4 feet wide.

The other option is for you to roll up your pool blanket. If you have a round pool blanket, this could be easier to do and would prevent the pool blanket material from creasing.

You can also do a combination of folding and rolling up your pool blanket by folding on the seam then rolling it up. 

Use rope or twine to keep your pool blanket tightly rolled and prevent rodents and insects from getting in.

  1. Store your pool blanket properly

If you have a pool cover roller, roll up your pool blanket onto the reel for quick storage. A pool roller is designed to easily and quickly remove your pool blanket. To protect your pool blanket from sun damage when it is rolled up, make sure to put a cover on it.

You can also store your pool blanket inside a container with a secure lid such as a large trash bin. Put your pool blanket inside a big bag first then put the bag inside the container. Some pool blankets come with a big bag for storage purposes. Keep the bin in a cool, dry place such as a garage or shed, and make sure that the lid of your container is secure so that mice do not get inside and damage the pool blanket.

Alternatively, you can choose to hang your solar pool blanket inside a safety pool cover bag from a hook in your garage so that rodents will not be able to reach it.

Remember that a clean, undamaged solar pool blanket will warm your pool better than a dirty, damaged one, so you need to maintain it properly. 

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