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3 Advantages of Having a Pool Cover Roller

Having your very own swimming pool in your backyard is something that many people dream of. Who wouldn’t love a ‘Swim When You Want’ lifestyle? While you can jump into your pool any time, you may want to check if it is safe for you to swim in first. To keep your swimming pool safe and clean at all times, make sure that you do regular maintenance on it and that you have the right pool cleaning equipment.

What is a Pool Cover?

Make sure to include a pool cover in your list of pool cleaning equipment. 

A pool cover is a useful piece of pool cleaning equipment that can help keep your pool clean when it is not being used. Pool covers also provide an extra layer of safety, prevent leaves and debris from getting in the water and keep the water cool on hot days.

As a preventive tool, it helps reduce the risk of water contamination when your swimming pool is not in use. Another great feature of pool covers is that they are also available in different types and designs so you can find one that suits your needs.

What is a Pool Cover Roller?

A pool cover roller goes hand in hand with a pool cover. If you have a pool cover, you might as well consider getting a pool cover roller so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of your pool cover.

If you do not want to manually roll and unroll your pool covers every time you use your swimming pool, you need to have a pool cover roller that can help you take your pool cover off in about 60 seconds. Not only is using a pool cover roller much faster, but it will also be less tiring for you.

Here are three advantages of having a pool cover roller:

  1. Makes pool cover handling more convenient

Folding and storing a pool cover manually can be a difficult task especially since it is made of heavy material and is usually wet. If rolling a pool cover manually takes ten minutes or more. With a pool cover roller, it will only take you a minute or so.

The time makes the process easier and more convenient for you and will also save you the time and the hassle of painstakingly trying to fold, lift and store a pool cover.

Your pool cover roller will do all the heavy lifting for you and much faster at that.

  1. Extends the lifespan of your pool cover

When you remove your pool cover manually, there is a risk of scraping or tearing your pool cover since you might drag it over rough ground, rocks or even fences. With a pool cover roller, you will be removing your pool cover with the help of a mechanism so you will not have to drag it anywhere yourself.

Since there will be less manual handling when using a pool cover roller, you reduce the chances of damaging your pool cover and will help extend its lifespan.

  1. Helps maximise the benefits of your pool cover

A pool cover offers numerous benefits such as keeping your pool warm, reducing the need for chemicals, or lessening cleaning time. One challenge of having a pool cover is the hassle of manually taking off or putting on a pool cover. Since pool covers are large and heavy, there is a chance you might not just want to go through the hassle and end up using your pool cover less and less.

Having a pool cover roller will make the process of taking your pool cover on or off not such an ordeal anymore. Within a few minutes, you will be able to roll out your pool cover so that you can protect your pool and save on heating costs when you are not using it, or you can roll up your pool cover to take a lap in your swimming pool.

With a pool cover roller, you will be able to maximise your pool cover so that you can continue enjoying your swimming pool for a long time.


Maintaining a pool is a considerable investment. You need to invest in different tools and equipment to keep your swimming pool healthy and safe for you and your family. A pool cover roller in tandem with a pool cover can help protect your investment and reduce your pool maintenance costs in the long run.

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