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What kinds of swimming pool heating is there?


To heat your swimming pool there are three basic types of heating.

These include Solar Pool HeatingGas Heating and Heat Pumps which all work well with a Swimming Pool Blanket.


Solar Pool Heating

The most popular form of Pool heating is Solar because is harness the free energy from the sun to heat the pool and extend your swimming season.

Solar collector is installed to your roof area where it absorbs the heat from the sun while water passes through the tubes.


Gas Pool Heating

A Gas Pool Heater is your “on demand” pool heating. Its quick, efficient and an easy way to heat your swimming pool to your desired temperature when you need it


Gas Heaters can be used for either natural or LPG Gas and can heat your pool in very little time.

Check out the CALCULATOR to see how long you pool could take to heat


Heat Pumps

The latest advancement in Swimming Pool Heating and an energy efficient way to heat your swimming pool is the Heat Pump.

A heat pump is built to heat your pool economically 24 hours a day, maintaining your desired pool water temperature.


A Heat pump works like a reversed air conditioner. It extracts heat from the ambient surrounding air and transferring the heat energy to the water of the swimming pool.


So which do you choose?

Unsure whether to go for Solar Pool Heating, a Gas Heater or a Heat Pumps?

There are many factors to consider when selecting swimming pool heating including location, budget, size of pool and swimming requirements.


Call Sunlover Heating – your pool heating partner – about finding a pool heating solution that’s right for you.