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What are the Solar Pool Heating Options for Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane?


Solar Pool Heating has been the number 1 type of swimming pool heating for a many years across Australia, and with more Aussies investing in the “luxury lifestyle”, Solar Pool Heating makes absolute sense.


So how do you go about selecting a solar heating system?


Select the TYPE of Solar Pool Heating.

Sunlover Heating has 2 types of solar heating products – Strip Solar Collector also know as absorber and Rigid Solar Panels.


Strip Solar Pool HeatingThe Solar Collector is made of long PVC Nitrile Premium Absorber tubing manufactured from chemical resistant polymer compound with superior efficiency.



The Rigid Solar Panels are an indestructible and freeze resistant panel with fully moulded tubes to the main header for extra strength.


Rigid Solar Pool Heating PanelBoth forms of Solar Pool Heating divert water from your swimming pool to fill the tubes on your roof which are warmed by the sun then returned to the pool.


A pump and solar controller are used to circulate the water from the roof and back however the operation costs are minimal.


HOW MUCH SOLAR do you require?


This is the most asked questions when discussing Solar Pool Heating.


Typically 80 – 100% surface area is required to effectively heat your swimming pool.


For example: A pool 10m long by 4m wide has a surface area of 40m2

Therefore Sunlover Heating would recommend installing 40m2 of Solar Pool Heating, which is 100% coverage of your swimming pool.


Which INSTALLATION method should you select?


Sunlover Heating quotes include professional installation of your Solar Pool Heating by qualified and skilled installers. However we also offer DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits, so that you or a tradesman can complete the installation.


If you select the DIY option, installation is straightforward and an instruction manual is provided with your purchase of Solar Collector or Rigid Solar Panels. Staff are available to answer questions and assist with any design of your system that may be required.


Installing a Sunlover pool heating system is simple, cost effectively and utilises the suns FREE energy to extend your swimming season.


For any further questions please contact your nearest Sunlover Heating office.