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How well will solar heat my swimming pool?

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, there is a good chance you spend long hot NSW summers diving, paddling, splashing, lounging or doing laps. For the rest of the year, you dip in a toe, before making the decision whether or not to take the plunge. If it’s a bit chilly, you’ll only end up breaking the surface with teeth chattering, or you’ll decide to spend your time doing something else. Swimming pools certainly are great for long hot summers and adding value to your home, but wouldn’t be nice too swim outside of summer? There’s a way that you can spend more time in your pool, and no, it doesn’t involve layering yourself up in fat and donning on a wetsuit like you would if you were to swim across the Sydney harbour! The solution is so simple, you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t think about it earlier.

When Solar pool heating is installed for your Sydney swimming pool, you and your family will be able to use your pool to swim longer. Right now, the water temperature in your swimming pool will vary greatly because of weather, seasons, times of the day, etc. This impacts you and your family because you don’t get to enjoy using your pool as much as you could. Many families naturally want to spend more time by their swimming pool, and solar pool heating has become the simple and effective way to heat your Sydney pool.
Solar pool heating keeps the temperature regulated, which is just perfect for serious swimmers, families and those that want to swim more often.

Solar pool heating Sydney uses proven technology to extend the swimming season. Solar pool heating involves pumping cold water from your pool through a series of tubes that are mounted to the roof of your home. As the pool water flows through, it’s heated by the sun before the water is returned back, warming the pool to the selected temperature on the digital controller. Solar pool heating is capable of warming your pool water temperature up between 5ᵒC and 10ᵒC, making it much more pleasant to swim in. When choosing the right solar collector, you need to keep in mind that the collectors need to be at least equal to 80% of the area of your pool. To be more efficient you should choose 100% coverage. You can further extend the warmth of your pool by using a pool blanket as well as your solar pool heating.

The amount that solar pool heating can warm your pool up by does depend on a few factors, including the size of the solar collector area, the pitch of your roof, the construction material of your roof, and if there is a possibility the area may be affected by shade. If you have a metal, fibro or dark coloured roof, this will help to conduct the heat much more efficiently. Concerns such as large, shady trees and locations that particularly windy may also affect the performance of solar pool heating. You should discuss these concerns with your solar pool heating provider when discussing the possible options.

While there are a few different ways to heat your pool, the solar pool heating concept has been around for a long time, and is considered the most energy efficient, cost effective, long lasting, and reliable option on the market. If solar pool heating is installed and used properly at your Sydney home, keeping in mind all the points mentioned above, solar pool heating will be the best way for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy your swimming pool more often. To discuss solar pool heating options for your Sydney home, click here.