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Understanding How Solar Pool Heating Works

For the Australian climate, a swimming pool at your property is a great investment, and extending the swimming season with solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane is a great way to maximise the return on your investment. Not only does it mean you can swim for longer, solar pool heating is also one of the most energy efficient and cost effective pool heating options out there. What a lot of people don’t understand is exactly how it works. Here is a quick explanation of how solar pool heating would work at your Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne home.

What does solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane involve?
Solar pool heating involves pumping the water from your swimming pool, through a solar absorber that is mounted in a location that gets plenty of premium sunlight (such as a roof, on the ground, or a purpose built frame). The energy from the sun heats the pumped water from your swimming pool as it circulates through the solar absorbers. The heated water then flows back down into the swimming pool, warming it up. Swimming pool owners can actually control the temperature with a digital controller, so the water is always at the ideal temperature.

How do solar absorbers work?
Your solar absorber acts much like a garden hose that has been left out in the sun. As the hose, or in this case the solar absorbers, absorb the heat from the sun, the water inside the tube becomes heated. When it comes to solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, there are a few different models of solar absorbers and choosing the right type for your needs generally depends on the amount of roof space, which direction your roof points in, and how quickly you wish your pool to heat up. Solar pool heating is great because it not only uses free energy from the sun to heat your swimming pool and extend your swimming season, it has a low carbon footprint, low running costs, and nearly zero ongoing maintenance costs.

What are the benefits of solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne?
If your family loves your pool in summer but covers it up for the rest of the year, solar pool heating is a great solution. In fact, you could extend the usage of your pool up to an extra 6 months of the year with solar pool heating. A simple premise, having a pool that is solar heated means you can swim morning, noon, and night; using it for splashing around, fitness, and family time. Solar pool heating at Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane properties is also the most environmentally friendly option for heating your swimming pool.

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