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The Advantages of Solar Pool Covers

Taking a dip in a swimming pool that is set at a perfect temperature is a great way to relax. It’s a picture that many homeowners have on their minds when they decide to install a swimming pool in their homes. However, your swimming pool’s temperature is not perfect all the time. You have to work at it and ensure that you have the right equipment that will keep your swimming pool at the right temperature.  

One way to keep your pool warm is by using a pool heater however, it can be costly to operate all the time, especially if you need electricity or gas to run it. Consider adding a solar pool cover to your swimming pool equipment. It is a cost-effective and environment-friendly option that you can use together with a pool heater or on its own. 

Want to learn more? Here are some of the advantages of using solar pool covers. 

  • Keeps the water warm

Solar pool covers are great for preventing heat loss and for heating up your swimming pool’s water. Even when the air temperature outside drops, your solar pool cover preserves your pool’s temperature so that you can enjoy a comfortable swim. 

Solar pool covers work by capturing heat from the sun and trapping the heat within the bubbles. The heat then gets transferred to your pool water. Pool covers can help raise your pool’s water temperature depending on the number of hours of sunlight available, colour and bubble shape of your solar pool cover. 

  • Budget-friendly

A solar pool cover is an environmentally-friendly option that will help you save on energy costs. Compared with electric or gas pool heaters, using solar power for your pool heater or pool cover is more economical. 

If you get enough sunlight, your solar pool cover may be more than enough to keep your pool warm without having to spend a lot on energy costs! Solar pool covers are perfect for homeowners on a budget. Since they are not that heavy, they are also easy to install. 

  • Reduces the amount of pool evaporation and chemical loss

Did you know that an average swimming pool can lose up to 100-200 litres of water every day? Water loss due to evaporation can also reduce the chemicals in your swimming pool, which means that you will always have to replace the chemicals that you lost. 

One great advantage of solar pool covers is that it helps prevent evaporation. A solar pool cover can become a form of physical barrier that can help reduce water loss by more than 80%. With solar pool covers, you will be able to save on the cost of constantly replacing your pool chemicals to maintain the right chemical balance in your pool. 

  • Stops debris from getting in your pool water

One of the best advantages of solar pool covers is that it helps protect your swimming pool. It prevents dirt, leaves and debris from getting into your pool water which lessens the time you need to spend on maintenance.

Solar pool covers help in keeping your pool clean and reduce the load on your pool’s filter and cleaning equipment, which means that you can use your pool cleaning equipment for a longer time. 

Keep in mind that sunlight can degrade the quality of your pool’s chlorine. A solar pool cover can help maintain the quality of chlorine in your swimming pool which will allow you to save money on chemicals. 

  • Fits any size pool

For homeowners with a unique-shaped pool, ordering a custom-made pool cover can be expensive. An easier and more affordable option is to use a solar pool cover instead which can be easily adjusted to fit any pool size. All you’ll have to do is to cut it to the size that you need. 

  • Can last for a long time

A solar pool cover is an excellent investment for long-term pool maintenance. Solar pool covers are made from a durable polymer material that is designed to withstand harsh conditions for a long time. Aside from capturing and transmitting solar heat into your pool, a solar pool cover will also help keep your swimming pool in optimal condition for a long time.