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What to tell your neighbours about solar pool heating

We all have those nosy neighbours that stick their heads over our fences and want to know all about the solar pool heating at your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney home. You could invite them over to experience the warmness of your pool for themselves, and that would make you their new favourite and hospitable neighbour. Or you could just give them the facts. Whatever you decide to do, here are the no nonsense facts you can pass on to your neighbour, so they can decide for themselves if installing solar pool heating is something they should invest in too.

You can really warm up your swimming pool
Kids love spending time in the pool, but there is nothing worse than watching them jump in, only to surface with teeth chattering. Solar pool heating will warm your swimming pool up by 5-10’C, and the digital controller means that you can set your perfect pool temperature any time of the day. Solar pool heating for Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne homes is also great for those that want to take an early morning dip (especially when you use it in conjunction with a pool blanket), or swim well into the evening.

You can extend your swimming season by 2-4 months

If your neighbour has a swimming pool, one of the biggest benefits they can get is the fact that they will be able to extend the amount of time they currently spend in their swimming pool. When solar pool heating is installed it allows families to spend time in their pools from spring until autumn. On average, Melbournians with their unpredictable weather only spend about 2 months in the water, but with solar pool heating in Melbourne, they can spend 4-5 months swimming. A bit further north and Sydneysiders only spend about 3 months in their swimming pool. With solar pool heating in Sydney, they can spend 5-6 months in their pool. Lucky Brisbanians in the sunny state spend 4 months in their pool, but with solar pool heating in Brisbane, they can spend 6-8 months in their pool. The length of time does depend on the weather, but when you tell your neighbour this, they will get the picture. It is still a pretty impressive increase of recreational swimming time, right across the country.

Solar pool heating uses free energy from the sun
Most neighbours want to know about the cost before they think about installing a solar pool heating system at their own home, but you can tell them it’s not as expensive as they might think. While costs do depend on the size of your pool and what kind of system you go for, once it is installed, solar pool heating pays for itself in no time at all. Solar pool heating uses the sun’s energy to heat the water which means you don’t pay for electricity or gas that you might if you install other heating systems. Solar pool heating also has nearly zero ongoing costs and little maintenance costs. You may want to tell your neighbours though, this does depend on the brand of system. They should choose a well known brand such as Sunlover Heating over other brands on the market. Our Sunlover Heating solar pool heating collectors utilise state of the art systems and polymer engineering in our absorber products, to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable solar pool heating throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Next time your neighbour wants to try and keep up with you, tell them that Sunlover Heating is efficient, indestructible, and eco-friendly. Or, if they want to talk to us directly about solar pool heating in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, just simply tell them to call us directly on 1800 815 913 or visit our website.