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Swimming Pool Blankets – Why you Should Cover Up


If you have been contemplating as to whether you should purchase a Pool Blanket or not, consider this – a swimming pool blanket will substantially increase the value and return on the investment you have made in your own pool or spa by achieving the following:


Retain Heat

Minimise Cooling

Swimming Pool Blankets minimise the cooling of pools by eliminating evaporation and convection heat loss. This occurs l primarily at night when the ambient air temperature drops below the temperature of the water of the swimming pool.

By creating a barrier between the water surface and the outside air, a Pool Blanket can virtually eliminate these losses.



Elimiate water evaporationKeep evaporation to a minimum

By keeping evaporation to a minimum not only will you save water, you will also save on the cost of chemicals as you won’t have to rebalance your Swimming Pool after topping up. Minimising evaporation also reduces the amount of chlorine lost to the suns UV rays.




Keeps the Swimming Pool clean

A Pool Blanket will keep your pool cleaner, with about 80-90 per cent of debris kept out of the Swimming Pool. This in turn reduces the work load of the pool cleaner.


Reduce Swimming Pool heating costs

90 per cent of heat loss is from the surface of the Swimming Pool so by using a Pool Blanket  in conjunction with gas, electric or solar heating systems, you significantly save up to 50 per cent on energy costs.


Solar Energy Gain

Extend your swimming season

Even without other forms of heating, the use of a Pool Blanket can result in a temperature increase of 6 – 8 degrees in a Swimming Pool that is located in a sunny position, in turn extending your swimming season.




With so many benefits, it makes sense to invest in a Pool Blanket.

When purchasing a Pool Blanket, be sure the blanket has been manufactured slightly larger than the size of the pool as gaps around the edges will reduce the blankets efficiency.

Proper care and maintenance will also ensure the longevity and performance of the Pool Blanket. Things like leaving the blanket off the Swimming Pool until chlorine levels are back to normal and keeping the blanket protected from sunlight while off the Swimming Pool will help extend the life of your Swimming Pool blanket.