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Swimming Pool Blankets – how can they help my swimming pool

In addition to saving water (by reducing evaporation) and reducing chemical time, Swimming Pool Covers are a great way for pool owners to save on heating costs.

Regardless of how you heat your swimming pool, solar blankets act as a barrier between the colder air and the warmth in the pool water. Acting as a insulator, the cover stops the natural process of hot and cold attracting each other, commonly know as convection.


According to the CSIRO Division of Mechanical Engineering, the water temperature in an unheated swimming pool depends on the total solar radiation absorbed in the water and on the rate of heat loss from the water. In an open pool exposed to sunshine, the water temperature is normally close to the mean air temperature. Although its very much subject to personal preference, the CSIRO concludes that the minimum acceptance water temperature for swimming is around 20 degrees and the desired level is about 25 degrees.


Using the CSIRO minimum swimming temperature as a guide, a pool cover would double the swimming season in Melbourne, for example, from just three to six months with no cost for heating. Elsewhere owners may gain three to four month’s additional use from their pool, depending on their own temperature preference.


Wherever you live in Australia, a pool blanket can warm your pool by up to 8 degrees and significantly extend your swimming season. It does this primarily by insulating against heat loss, effectively eliminating evaporation, therefore saving a huge amount of water.


There is a blanket to suit every style and budget – call Sunlover Heating today to discuss your needs.