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Sunlover Heatings Inverter Heat Pump Now Stocked in WA

SunloCi-Group (2)ver Heating is continuing to expand nationwide, and we’re excited to announce that our range of inverter heat pump products are now available in Western Australia!


We’ve partnered up with Aquathat Pool Renovations based in Balcatta to bring our range of inverter heat pump to the Perth region. Rest assured there is a heat pump to suit WA swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, catering to all your swimming pool heating and cooling needs.

Oasis Heat Pumps have the best and most reliable components, giving them longer service life and

better performance. The Oasis Ci utilises advanced EEV (electronic expansion valve) technology and environmentally safe R410A refrigerant. A brushless DC motor provides variable speed, running on

heating demand to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

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If you’re in WA and you’d like to find out more about the Sunlover heat pump range and what our products can do for your pool, feel free to contact Gary Claassen at Aquathat Pool Renovations on 0402 868 066.


We’d like to extend a big thank you to Gary and the team at Aquathat for assisting us in helping Aussie pool owners to make the most of their pool.