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Sunlover Heating up new business opportunities

Pool heating supplier Sunlover Heating has expanded its business with additional management expertise and new high quality product lines.

Managing Director Rohan London announced the appointment of Steve Rickard as a Director of the rapidly growing business. Steve Rickard has 11 year’s experience in the development of new products for the pool and spa industry. He was national sales manager for one of Australia’s largest suppliers of solar heating system components, which also developed and manufactured components for the automotive, building, construction and medical industries.

“In the face of challenges from drought, rising interest rates and increased transport costs, Sunlover has continued to experience strong growth in the past two years. We have opened a Brisbane based Queensland branch and we acquired the NSW business Carlile Solar in Sydney,” said Rohan London.

“Steve Rickard will help integrate these operations and his knowledge of modern business systems and processes will streamline our relationships with our customers. From the perspective of our customers, the assets that Steve brings to Sunlover are new product ideas and his sales and marketing expertise. His marketing experience will be available to our customers to help them develop their own businesses,” said Rohan London.

Among his first tasks at Sunlover Heating, Steve Rickard is undertaking a survey of the company’s resellers. “The pool builders and pool shop owners that we supply are at the front line. They meet the customers and they read the trends quickly. We want to tap into that knowledge and experience, so we can better supply them with products that are easier to sell because they are in demand. When our research is complete, we will be sharing the results with our resellers to help them target their marketing,” said Steve Rickard.

New heating products

Building on its base of solar heating products, Sunlover began expanding its product range two years ago with the launch of quality solar pool blankets. “To ensure that our blankets gave our resellers a unique sales proposition for their customers, we researched the market carefully. We learned that pool blankets with improved physical properties were desirable, and we saw that pool designers are using stronger colours to make their customers’ pools look more contemporary,” explained Rohan London.

“This input led us to source a tough pool blanket material in a variety of micron thicknesses and in a range of the latest colours, which were not common in the Australian market previously. To complement this range of pool blankets, we have a line of durable pool blanket roller systems. This means we can offer our resellers a complete pool blanket system.

“The most recent addition to the Sunlover product catalogue is a high technology heat pump produced by Carrier Air Conditioning Ltd. This state of the art heat pump produces warm water economically through a roped titanium heat exchanger, which is guaranteed for life. We are confident in this technology, which in a different application, has spurred a boom in air conditioner sales. Supporting our multinational Carrier brand, we have a national contract with Frigrite Limited to provide customer service,” he said.

Brand change

To reflect these management changes and the expanded catalogue of Sunlover products, the company has changed its name from Sunlover Solar to Sunlover Heating. “For 20 years Rohan and the team have serviced the industry with top quality solar heating systems. Sunlover is now offering resellers much more,” said Steve Rickard. “We can now deliver the total pool or spa water heating, and water and chemical saving package. Sunlover Heating will work as your businesses’ pool heating partner.”