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Sunlover Heating, providing solar pool heating to the local community

Sunlover Heating is proud to partner with the Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, to install their new commercial solar pool heating system at their seasonal outdoor facility, Winchelsea Swimming Pool.

Winchelsea Swimming Pool

What the job involved
At Sunlover Heating, no job is too big or too small for our dedicated team! The installation at Winchelsea Swimming Pool, involved removing the existing damaged absorber solar pool heating system, and installing 164m² of Sunlover’s state of the art design rigid solar heating panels. A total of 47 panels in various sizes were installed to suit the facilities roof area, with the installation taking place over 3 days in March 2016, ahead of the estimated installation programme.

commercial solar pool heating at Winchelsea Swimming

Sunlover technicians Nick Batchelor and Tim Hall, were awarded the coveted ‘Sunlover Cup’ for their outstanding workmanship, teamwork and completion of a large scale commercial installation ahead of schedule, while maintaining excellent work ethics.

Why the Surf Coast Shire chose Sunlover’s solar pool heating
Here at Sunlover, over the years we have built an outstanding reputation for providing solar pool heating solutions in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, as well as regional areas across Australia. Our residential and commercial clients have chosen Sunlover because of our ability to double the amount of time people can spend in their swimming pool. Many organisations like Surf Coast Shire are pleasantly surprised to discover that a Sunlover solar pool heating system will cost them much less than other forms swimming pool heating. Along with the advice of our dedicated solar pool heating consultants, we can provide you with all other swimming pool accessories you require.

If you’re looking for solar pool heating, be sure to choose Sunlover Heating 
With products and service that is second to none, it is no surprise that Sunlover Heating is the preferred supplier of residential and commercial solar pool heating, gas pool heating, and pool heating pumps for recreation organisations, home owners, pool companies, pool stores, and home builders.

To enquire about either our Rigid or Strip solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne commercial swimming pool, call Sunlover Heating today.