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Utilise nature’s free solar panel resource to power your pool heating system today. Taking advantage of a solar powered solar heating system will allow you to increase the time spent in your pool all year round.

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About Pennant Hills Solar pool heating

Sunlover Heating Pennant Hills pool heating provides you with a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to heating your pool. Using this resource allows you to set your desired water temperature and operating times. The solar pool heating systems also provide you with the flexibility to change the settings anytime you require. Allowing you to increase the temperature in winter or decrease the temperature in summer.

How does it work?

The solar pool heating system pumps in cold pool water using the pump, through the solar absorber or collector on the hot roof. The solar heats the pool, returning the water to the ground pool. Installing the collar pool collector on the roof during solar pool installation is significantly more cost effective.

Strip Solar Heating and Rigid Solar Heating built specifically to withstand chemicals and outdoor weathering to provide you with the best solar heating all year round.


Multi Layered Energy Flow 10

Built specifically to withstand chemicals with a round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing and splitting. Black matt outside protects against UV weathering and increases solar absorption, providing superior performance. 10 tubes to ensure rapid heating and extending swimming season.


Rigid Solar Heating

Fully moulded header for increased strength to be able to withstand a 241km/h cyclone. High efficiency maintained through factory testing for strength and leaks. Rigid strip solar heating panels require no further maintenance or cost once installed.


Pool Solar Controller

Take control of your pool heating through the use of Pool Solar Controllers. Pool Solar Controllers allow you to maintain your perfect pool temperature through the latest technology. Australian made and serviced to provide you with an easy to use, set and forget program.

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