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Sunlover Heating Offers Business Opportunity

Media Release 8 May 2013

Sunlover Heating offers business opportunity

 National pool and spa heating and accessories company Sunlover Heating wants Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia distributors and installers for its new range of Rigid Solar Heating Panels.

Sunlover Heating Managing Director Rohan London said the special benefits offered by Rigid Solar Heating Panels are now being recognised by both pool customers and the pool design and installation industry. “Sunlover Heating is preparing now for the 2013-14 summer campaign,” he said. “We want to appoint distributors and installers now to represent us in the critical warm weather states.

“Rigid Solar Heating Panels are easy to sell to pool designers and installers because they are light and easy to handle, and there are fewer connections to join. This means fitters spend much less time on the roof for each installation.

“We were told by some of our installers that they are completing rigid panel installations in under a day versus a day or more for traditional systems. These benefits deliver improved profit margins for designers and installers,” said Rohan London.


Manufactured in the USA by internationally renowned Techno-Solis to their patented design, this robust product delivers long life on the roof and is certified by the USA Solar Rating and Certification Corporation and the Florida Solar Energy Centre.

Big selling features for Sunlover Heating Rigid Solar Heating Panels are their resistance to attack from cockatoos and vermin and a warranty longer than those offered for traditional systems. They also have the highest efficiency rating on the market at 10,828 BTU per square metre.

“We will be supplying our new distributors and installers with the Rigid Solar Panel range from our warehouses in each state. This means orders are only a phone call way and we will be very competitively priced,” said Rohan London.

“Pool customers are also getting the message that rigid solar panels are strong, long life and efficient. As knowledge of the product grows among consumers, the time is right for new distributors and installers to join us in a comprehensive marketing campaign,” he said.

For further information about this business opportunity, contact Rohan London T: 03 9887 2131 E:


Photo caption SunloverRigid.jpg: Sunlover Heating is seeking distributors and installers in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia for its new Rigid Solar Heating Panel product. Quick to install, these panels require no maintenance and can withstand the force of a 240 km/h cyclone. This panel section shows the integrated water pipe and solar collector featuring interconnected flow tubes to minimise heat loss.

About Sunlover Heating

Founded in Melbourne in 1988, Sunlover Heating has enjoyed significant growth and now supplies quality pool and spa heating products and accessories to trade customers, including pool builders and retail pool shops, in all Australian states and New Zealand. The company is driven by consumer research and product development to deliver innovative world’s best practice equipment and systems.