Sunlover Caloundra Pool blankets

Sunlover Heating Caloundra pool blankets significantly reduce the maintenance costs of your pool.

Clear Pool blanket with Stainless Roller

About Sunlover Heating Caloundra Pool blankets

Sunlover Caloundra pool Blankets are specifically designed to withstand the effects of UV laden solar rays, chemicals and salt. Sunlover Heating Caloundra pool Blankets are manufactured from UV stabilised, chemical resistant, reinforced, and laminated materials.

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Why Choose Sunlover Heating Caloundra?

  • Reduce Water evaporation

On average, swimming pool loose approximately 100 – 200 litres of water a day.

  • Reduce heat loss

Water evaporation reduces indoor pool heat by approximately 70%. A further 20% is lost through radiating in the air.

  • Reduce dirt and debris

Pool blankets prevent 90% of air-borne rubbish entering your pool. This significantly reduces the strain on your filter, increasing the life of your filter.

  • Bubbles increase heat

The bubbles used to create the pool blankets is rapidly heated by the sun and transferred into the water. Sunlover Caloundra pool blankets are made up of 11500 bubbles per square metre, 40% more than other pool covers. Significantly increasing the warmth of your pool.

  • Reduce chemical loss

The use of a pool blanket will help keep the pool chemicals in your pool. Pool blankets can reduce chemical and salt loss by up to 50%.

  • Durable and long lasting

Sunlover Caloundra pool blankets have been made to withhold harsh conditions. Offering you a long-lasting investment into your swimming pool.

Pool Cover Colour Range

Pool Covers

Deep ocean Blue

500 micron

Pool Covers

Reef Blue

500 micron

Pool Covers


500 micron

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