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Sunlover heating Bayside has pool heating solutions to match all your needs. Sunlover heating has over 30 years’ experience in heating solutions for both commercial pool systems to backyard pools. Sunlover Bayside pool heating provides sustainable economic operation and environmental performance.

Solar Heating

About Sunlover Bayside Pool Heating

We want you to utilise your pool all year round – providing heating solutions to meet all budgets. Find a pool heating solution that suits your needs by speaking to one of our Bayside pool heating specialists.

Sunlover Heating specialises in solar pool heating and heat pumps that will lower your energy bill and your economic footprint whilst utilising your pool all year round.


Solar Pool Heating

Bayside solar pool heating provides an environmentally friendly yet cost effective heating solution for your pool. Solar pool heating provides you with the flexibility to increase and decrease your pool temperature as required. Allowing you to get the most out of your pool, all year round.


Heat Pumps

Sunlover and Oasis provide heating solutions for every application. Our heating analysis program allows our sale staff to design your system and select a heat pump that is right for you.

Heat pumps may be a slightly more expensive pool heating method however it has lower operating costs and is significantly more energy efficient. A pool pump requires less energy than a traditional gas pool heater, releasing fewer greenhouse gases into the environment.


Commercial Pool Heating

Sunlover Bayside heat pumps provide heating for any commercial sized pool. Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing various commercial properties with pools that suit their needs.

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