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Solor Pool Heating Combinations Systems

There’s no denying, solar pool heating is a fantastic resource for heating for your swimming pool. However the large positive of solar pool heating is also its biggest draw back. solar pool heating is dependant on sunlight which is not always consistent enough to provide the required source of heat for the pool.


Although solar pool heating is a free and renewable source of heating for your pool, there are no guarantees that your pool will always be the perfect temperature.


Therefore solar pool heating is largely recommended to extend your summer swimming season.


But not all is lost, Sunlover Heating also have Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps available. These are a fantastic product to add to your solar pool heating as a back up system, especially after a string of cloudy days or for early or late in the swimming season.


Both the Gas Heaters and Heat Pumps are high efficiency. Add in our automatic controllers and you can be sure your pool will be warm and ready when you want.


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