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Our top solar pool heating FAQs

So you’ve heard about solar pool heating and how it can extend your swimming season. But does it work? And how does it work? We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about choosing solar pool heating for your pool.

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What temperature can I expect my pool to be heated to?
Most swimming pools will be able to achieve a comfortable temperature of 28°C to 32°C. However, factors such as the location of the collector, the pool size and usage can affect this temperature.

How much solar do I need?
There’s no simple answer to this, but we recommend that you match each square meter of your pool surface area with the same coverage of solar on your roof. This will give you 100% coverage, maximising the heat absorption from the sun and ensuring the quickest possible heat up time for your pool.

Do solar collectors need to face North and be mounted on my roof?
Not necessarily. Although collectors are generally roof-mounted, they should be installed wherever they’ll receive good sun exposure for a good portion of the day. East and west-facing systems may be equally as functional, depending on the angle of the mounting surface.

Can I use my solar pool heating system for household hot water?
No. Solar pool heating is designed specifically for your pool water. Domestic hot water systems are totally separate systems that can’t be combined.

How quickly will the system work?
Whichever system you choose, it won’t work immediately. In warmer climates like in Brisbane and Sydney, it may take up to two days for your pool to heat to your liking. In cooler climates like Melbourne, it could take up to four days before your pool is warm enough for swimming. Considering the cost savings, it’s not a long time to wait.

Do I still need a pool blanket if I have solar heating?
As with all pool heaters, we recommend using a pool blanket at night and when the pool is not in use in order to prevent pool heat loss. Pool blankets virtually eliminate evaporation and reduce heat loss by insulating the pool surface. An un-blanketed pool loses 2-3 times more heat than a blanketed pool.

What if I already have a gas or electric pool heater?
A solar pool heating system can be used to pre-heat your pool to minimise the cost of additional heat by your gas or electric heater. In this way, you can usually enjoy a warm pool regardless of the weather, and save around 80% of the cost of heating with your existing heater.

Is solar pool heating simple to operate?
Yes. Most solar heating systems are automatic and as easy to operate as any fossil fuel heater. They’re also usually compatible with the latest in pool automation technology.

For more information, you can read more of our FAQs online here. Or, contact the Sunlover Heating team directly on 1800 815 913. We’re ready to help you understand and make the most of solar pool heating.

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