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Protect your pool from rising energy prices

According to a recent news article by Tim McIntyre on news.com.au, there are around 1.4 million swimming pools in Australia. This means that all across the country, millions of Aussies are making the most of our beautiful outdoors and spending time together taking a swim. But with energy prices set to rise again, many of these pool owners might be in for a shock — unless they get a little help from us here at Sunlover Heating.

The article discusses new research by electricity retailer Pooled Energy, which shows that the annual costs for running a standard sized pool differ greatly depending on where you live. For example, Brisbane pool owners spend an average $1961 a year on electricity and chemicals; while Sydney pool owners spend $1727 a year. With a cooler climate, Melbournians pay an average of just $986 a year.

But don’t panic! Regardless of where you live in Australia, there is no need to close down the pool in fear of higher energy bills. Here at Sunlover Heating, we have all the energy-saving tips and pool products to help you keep your costs down.

Here are some of our top tips:

Buy an efficient pool heat pump Heat pumps can account for 70 per cent of your pool’s energy consumption. If you have an older pool heat pump, it might be time to upgrade to a more energy efficient product. Models such as those in the Oasis Ci Inverter range, which can reduce its energy use through its variable speed function.

Go solar — With regions such as Brisbane and Sydney receiving an average of 6-8 hours of sunshine every day, there is an abundance of FREE solar energy available to heat your pool. Beyond standard pool maintenance, solar pool heating requires no maintenance, saving you time and money throughout the year.

Regularly maintenance — Cleaning your filter system can help to keep running costs low. A clogged filter requires the pump to work harder to clean the pool, using more energy as a result. Hiring a pool maintenance specialist can be hugely cost-effective as they will also regularly assess the energy efficiency of your pool.

Cover your pool — Investing in a good quality pool cover will help to restrict evaporation and preserve heat generated by your chosen pool heating system. Swimming pools lose about 70% of their heat through water evaporation from the pool surface, with another 20% heat lost through the heat radiating into the air. A pool cover can reduce your pool heating costs by up to 50 per cent.

It just so happens that winter is the ideal time to make these decisions about your home swimming pool heating. For more information about our pool energy saving tips in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, or any of our other pool heating products, give the Sunlover Heating team a call on 1800 815 913 today.

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers over 30 years.


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